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+1573-12-24 ~ +1646-01-27

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Alternative Names:

澤庵宗彭 = Takuan, Soho


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  (Rinzairoku sho) Takuan, Soho 1976, 1627
  Fudochi shinmyo roku Takuan, Soho 1970
  Fudochi shinmyoroku; Taiaki Takuan, Soho 1982
  Immovable wisdom:the art of Zen strategy:the teachings of Takuan Soho Takuan, Soho 1992
  Mysteres de la sagesse immobile:textes Zen Takuan, Soho 1987
  Soul of the samurai Cleary, Thomas F.; Takuan, Soho; Yagyu, Munenori 2005
  Takuan Takuan, Soho 1994
  Takuan Osho zenshu Takuan, Soho 1897
  Takuan Osho zenshu Takuan, Soho 1903
  The Unfettered Mind:Writings of the Zen Master to the Sword Master [1st paperback ed.] Wilson, William Scott; Soho, Takuan; Takuan, Soho 1987 ; 1988
  不動智神妙録 沢庵宗彭 1943.04
  澤菴和尚法語 澤庵宗彭 1600
  沢庵 -- 不動智神妙録・太阿記・玲瓏集 沢庵宗彭 1994.06