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Staal, Frits  (本名)


14 bibliography, 7 full-text accessible.  

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Alternative Names:

Staal, Johan Frederik = Staal, Johan Frits = Staal, J. F. = Staal, F. = Staal, J. = Staal, J. Frits.


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  A Reader on the Sanskrit Grammarians Staal, J. F. 1985
  Agni: The Vedic Ritual of the Fire Altar Staal, Frits 2010.04.04
  Collected Papers by John Brough, Minoru Hara, J. C. Wright Staal, Frits (評論) Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies=倫敦大學亞非研究學報 1998
  In the Realm of the Buddha Staal, Frits Natural History 1986.07
  Indian Bodies in Self as Body Staal, Frits (著) Self as Body in Asian Theory and Practice 1992
  Negation and the Law of Contradiction in Indian Thought: A Comparative Study Staal, J. F. (著) Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies=倫敦大學亞非研究學報 1962
  Sanskrit and Sanskritization Staal, J. F. The Journal of Asian Studies 1963.05
  Substitutions de Paradigmes et Religions D'Asie Staal, Frits Cahiers d'Extême-Asie 1985
  Survey of MS Collection in Nepal Lancaster, Lewis R. ; Staal, Frits National Geographic Research Report 1982
  The concept of 'Paksa' in Indian logic Staal, J. F. Journal of Indian Philosophy 1973.08
  The Lake of the Yaksa Chief Staal, F. Indo-Tibetan Studies: Papers in Honour and Appreciation of Professor David L. Snellgrove's Contribution to Indo-Tibetan Studies 1990
  The Sanskrit of Science Staal, Frits (著) Journal of Indian Philosophy 1995.03
  Word order in Sanskrit and universal grammar Staal, J. F. 1967
  インド論理学における Paksa の概念について Staal, J. F. 印度學佛教學研究 =Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies=Indogaku Bukkyōgaku Kenkyū 1974.03.31