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Ford, James Lowry  


12 bibliography, 10 full-text collected. (Not Yet Authorization

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Alternative Names:

Ford, James L.


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  A life ignored: Jokei (1155-1213) and "old" Kamakura Buddhism reexamined Ford, James Lowry (著) Dissertation Abstracts International 1999
  Book Review: "Approaching the Land of Bliss: Religious Praxis in the Cult of Amitābha", edited by Richard K. Payne and Kenneth K. Tanaka Ford, James Lowry Philosophy East and West 2007.04
  Book Review: "Buddhist Materiality: A Cultural History of Objects in Japanese Buddhism," by Fabio Rambelli Ford, James L. Journal of Japanese Studies 2009
  Book Review: "Legend and Legitimation: The Formation of Tendai Esoteric Buddhism in Japan," by Jinhua Chen Ford, James L. Monumenta Nipponica 2011
  Book Review: "Original Enlightenment and the Transformation of Medieval Japanese Buddhism", by Stone, Jacqueline Ilyse Ford, James Lowry (著) Journal of the American Academy of Religion 2001.09
  Book Review: "Renegade Monk: Honen and Japanese Pure Land Buddhism", by Soho Machida, translated and edited by Ioannis Mentzas Ford, James Lowry Journal of the American Academy of Religion 2000.06
  Book Review: "The Religious Traditions of Japan 500-1600," by Richard Bowring Ford, James L. Monumenta Nipponica 2006
  Editors’ Introduction: Kōshiki in Japanese Buddhism Ambros, Barbara; Ford, James L.; Mross, Michaela Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 2016
  Jokei and Buddhist Devotion in Early Medieval Japan Ford, James Lowry 2006.08.24
  Jokei and Honen : Debating Buddhist Liberation in Medieval Japan: Then and Now Ford, James L. Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies 2001
  Jōkei and Kannon : Defending Buddhist Pluralism in Medieval Japan Ford, James L. The Eastern Buddhist=イースタン・ブディスト 2008
  Jokei and the Rhetoric of "Other Power" and "Easy Practice" in Medieval Japanese Buddhism Ford, James L. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 2002