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袁志偉  (本名)


6 bibliography, 6 full-text accessible.  

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Alternative Names:

Yuan, Zhi-wei (本名)


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  《釋摩訶衍論》遼朝注疏與遼道宗的佛學思想 袁志偉 (著) 中國哲學史=History of Chinese Philosophy 2021
  大同善化寺二十四諸天像考辨 袁志偉 (著)=Yuan, Zhi-wei (au.) 世界宗教研究=Studies in World Religions 2011
  公元5-6世紀長安佛學界關於佛性問題的討論 袁志偉 (著) 人文雜誌=Journal of Humanities 2019
  西夏人的佛儒融合思想及其倫理道德觀=The Fusion of Confucianism with Buddhism Thought and Ethics in Xixia Regime 袁志偉 (著)=Yuan, Zhi-wei (au.) 西北大學學報 (哲學社會科學版)=Journal of Northwest University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) 2015.07
  西夏佛教與黨項民族的漢文化認同 王雪梅 (著); 袁志偉 (著) 宗教學研究=Studies on religion 2022
  西夏華嚴禪思想與黨項民族的文化個性—西夏文獻《解行照心圖》及《洪州宗師教儀》解讀=The Buddhist Thoughts of Huayan of Xixia Regime and Cultural Personality of Dangxiang Nation—Interpreting the Documents of According to Heart Figure Xiehang and Hongzhou Guru Ordinances 袁志偉 (著)=Yuan, Zhi-wei (au.) 青海民族研究=Qinghai Journal of Ethnology 2017