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Yu, Tian-xiu


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  基於幾何形變改善的莫高窟數字壁畫圖像拼接方法研究=Research on the Digital Mural Image Mosaic of the Mogao Grottoes Based on Distortion Reduction 俞天秀 (著); 吳建 (著); 孫志軍 (著)=Sun, Zhi-jun (au.); 趙良 (著); 丁曉宏 (著) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2011.12
  基於壁面曲率分析的壁畫數字化攝影採集方法研究=Acquisition of Digital Photography Images of Murals Compensating for Curvature of the Wall Surfaces 吳健 (著); 張帆 (著); 俞天秀 (著); 丁小勝 (著) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2013.02
  莫高窟第249窟VR(虛擬現實)展示系統的設計與實現=The Design and Implementation of Virtual Reality Display Systems in Mogao Cave 249 金良 (著)=Jin, Liang (au.); 薄龍偉 (著)=Bo, Long-wei (au.); 宋利良 (著)=Song, Li-liang (au.); 吳健 (著)=Wu, Jian (au.); 俞天秀 (著)=Yu, Tian-xiu (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2021
  敦煌石窟海量數據無差錯傳輸系統的設計與開發=Design and Development of the Error-free Transmission System for the Mass Data of the Dunhuang Caves 俞天秀 (著)=Yu, Tian-xiu (au.); 吳健 (著)=Wu, Jian (au.); 趙良 (著)=Zhao, Liang (au.); 許麗鵬 (著)=Xu, Lipeng (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2015.06
  敦煌莫高窟狹小空間內立體面攝影採集與圖像處理──以莫高窟第254窟數字化為例=Acquisition and Processing of the Photographic Images of the 3D Faces inside the Narrow Caves of the Mogao Grottoes——Taking the Digitization of the Mogao Cave 254 as an Example 余生吉 (著); 吳健 (著); 王江子 (著); 俞天秀 (著) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2012.12
  絲綢之路中國段文化旅游展示與體驗創新服務模式探討=Cultural Tourism of the Chinese Section of the Silk Road and a Discussion on Creating New Service Methods 吳健 (著)=Wu, Jian (au.); 俞天秀 (著)=Yu, Tian-xiu (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2015.10