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+1905 ~ +1989

37 bibliography, 4 full-text accessible.  

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Alternative Names:

卡魯仁波切 = Kalu Rinpoche = Kyaje Kalu Rinpoche = H. E. Kalu Rinpoche = 第一世卡盧仁波切 = Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las = Khenpo Kalu


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  Dharma wisdom Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1991
  Die letzten öffentlichen Erklärungen Kalu Rinpoche (著) Buddhismus Heute 1989
  Excellent Buddhism: An Exemplary Life 卡魯仁波切=H. E. Kalu Rinpoche 1995.09
  Excellent Buddhism:an exemplary life Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1995
  Foundation of Buddhist Meditation Kalu Rinpoche 2001
  Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism 卡魯仁波切=H. E. Kalu Rinpoche 2004.08
  Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism H. E. Kalu Rinpoche 2004.07
  Gently whispered:oral teachings of the Very Venerable Kalu Rinpoche Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1991
  Gently whispered--oral teachings by the Very Venerable Kalu Rinpoche; foreword by His Emminence the XIIth Tai Situpa Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1994
  Illuminating the path of freedom:teachings of the Very Venerable Kalu Rinpoche Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1991
  La voie du Bouddha:selon la tradition tibetaine Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1993
  Luminous mind:fundamentals of spiritual practice Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1996
  Mahamudra:an introduction to the nature of the mind Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1987
  Profound Buddhism: From Hinayana to Vajrayana Kalu Rinpoche 1995.09
  Profound Buddhism:from Hinayana to Vajrayana Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1995
  Secret Buddhism: Vajrayana Practices Kalu Rinpoche 2002.08.15
  Secret Buddhism:Vajrayana practices Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1995
  The chariot for travelling the path to freedom: the life story of Kalu Rinpoche Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1985
  The crystal mirror:clearly showing all the steps by which the path of liberation is traversed in this fortunate kalpa Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1982
  The Dharma that Illuminates all beings Like the Light of the Sun and the Moon Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1999
  The dharma that illuminates all beings like thelight of the sun and the moon [1st Indian ed.] Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1995, 1986
  The Dharma: That Illuminates All Beings Like the Light of the Sun and the Moon 卡魯仁波切 (著)=H. E. Kalu Rinpoche (au.) 1986.10
  The Dharma:That Illuminates All Beings Impartially like the Light of the Sun and the Moon Kalu Rinpoche 1995
  The foundation of Buddhist meditation Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1987
  The Foundation of Buddhist Meditation Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las (著)=Khenpo Kalu (au.) 1976
  The Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism:the Gem Ornament of Manifold Oral Instructions which Benefits each and Everyone Accordingly 卡魯仁波切=H. E. Kalu Rinpoche 1999
  The gem ornament of manifold oral instructions:which benefits each and everyone appropriately Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1986
  The gem ornament of manifold oral instructions:which benefits each and everyone appropriately[1st Snow Lion Publications ed.] Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1987, 1986
  Trois enseignements Karma-ragn-byugn-kun-khyab-phrin-las 1992
  三乘佛法指要 卡盧仁波切; 釋成觀 1993
  以明點禪修法闡述奢摩他 卡盧仁波切 (講述)=Kalu Rinpoche (spk.) 慧炬=Torch of Wisdom Monthly 2012.05.15
  自悟自性之歌 -- 卡盧仁波切自傳及教法 卡盧仁波切=Kyaje Kalu Rinpoche 2008.12
  自悟自性之歌 -- 卡盧仁波切自傳及教法=The Life Story and Instructions of Kalu Rinpoche 卡盧仁波切=H. E. Kalu Rinpoche; 釋法海 2009.03.01
  幸福人生的關鍵字:光與熱(一) 卡盧仁波切; 林彥宏 (整理)=Lin, Yen-hung (arr.) 慧炬=Torch of Wisdom Monthly 2010.11.15
  幸福人生的關鍵字:光與熱(二) 福永喇嘛; 卡盧仁波切; 林彥宏 (整理)=Lin, Yen-hung (arr.) 慧炬=Torch of Wisdom Monthly 2010.12.15
  繆樹廉; 卡盧仁波切=Kalu Rinpoche 1995
  藏傳佛教的第一堂課 卡魯仁波切 (著)=H. E. Kalu Rinpoche (au.); 廖本聖 (譯)=Liao, Ben-sheng (tr.) 2006