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Alternative Names:

Kim, Sang-hyun = 김상현


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  『瑜伽師地論』の伝来と新羅仏教=The Introduction of the Yogācārabhūmi (瑜伽師地論) into China and Korean Buddhism in the Silla Dynasty 金相鉉 =Kim, Sang-hyun ; 山口弘江 =Yamaguchi, Hiroe ; 東アジア仏教研究会 東アジア仏教研究=Journal of East Asian Buddhist Studies=ヒガシアジア ブッキョウ ケンキュウ 2010.05
  『道身章』 拾遺 金相鉉 (著) 불교학보=佛教學報 1996.12
  7·8세기 해동구법승(海東求法僧)들의 중국에서의 活動과 意義 -- 東亞細亞佛教의 形成과 發展에 寄與한 海東高僧을 中心으로=The Activities and Significance of Abroad studying monks in the China between the 7th and 8th Century -- Focused on Hadong-Goseung(海東高僧) to contribute to the formation and development of Buddhism in the East Asia 김상현 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 2005.08.24
  A Historiographical Retrospect of Wonhyo’s Theory of Harmonization Kim, Sang-hyun (著) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 1995.11.15
  An Investigation of Wonhyo's Achievement in Samgukyusa Kim, Sang-hyun (著)=金相鉉 (au.) International Journal of Buddhist Thought & Culture=국제불교문화사상사학회 2003.02
  三國遺事의 編纂과 刊行에 대한 硏究 現況=Current Research Status on the Compilation and Publication of Samgungnyusa 김상현 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 2007.02.24
  不然 李箕永의 韓國佛敎史 硏究=Bulyeon Rhi Ki-Young’s Research on Korean Buddhist History 김상현 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 2011.08.30
  元曉 和諍思想의 研究史的 檢討 金相鉉 (著) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 1995.11.15
  石佛寺 및 佛國寺의 硏究 -- 그 創建과 思想的 背景 金相鉉 (著)=김상현 (au.) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 1986.05.15
  佛教的信徒教育和社會發展 金相鉉 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 佛學研究=Research of Buddhism 2011
  東亞細亞佛敎에서의 韓國佛敎의 正體性=The Identity of Korean Buddhism within the Context of East Asian Buddhism 金相鉉 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 2007.08.26
  金法麟과 한국 근대불교=Korean Buddhism in Early 20th and Beop-Rin Kim 김상현 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2009.02
  乾鳳寺와 四溟堂 김상현 (著) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 2000.12.30
  문정왕후의 불교중흥정책=Buddhist Restoration Policies of the Queen Munjeong 김상현 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2010.02
  智異山 花開茶의 歷史的 考察 김상현 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 2003.02.24
  朝鮮佛敎史 硏究의 課題와 展望=Problem and View on the History Research of Buddhsim in Chosun Dynasy 金相鉉 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 불교학보=佛教學報 2002.12
  新羅中代初期の仏教政治の理念 - 元暁と憬興を中心として=Buddhist Political Thought in Silla during the Late Seventh Century 金相鉉 =Kim, Sang-hyun 印度學佛教學研究 =Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies=Indogaku Bukkyōgaku Kenkyū 2001.12
  新羅華嚴宗的成立=The Foundation of the Avatamska Sect of Silla Buddhism 金相鉉 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 華嚴學報=Journal of Huayen Buddhism 2012.11
  新羅華嚴思想史研究 金相鉉 2014.06.01
  輯逸勝鬘經疏 - 勝鬘經疏詳玄記 所引 元曉疏의 輯編=Restorations of the Commentary on the Srimala - sutra 元曉 (撰); 金相鉉 (輯)=김상현 (ed.) 불교학보=佛教學報 1993.12
  통일신라시대 팔공산의 불교신앙=The Palgongsan Buddhism in the Unified Silla Period 김상현 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 정토학연구=淨土學硏究=Journal of The Pure Land Buddhism Studies 2013.12
  한국 근대사의 전개와 불교=Buddhism and the Modern History of Korea 김상현 (著)=Kim, Sang-hyun (au.) 불교학보=佛教學報 2011.12
  暁堂・崔凡述(1904-1979)の独立運動 金相鉉; 佐藤厚 仏教文化=Journal of Buddhist Culture=ブッキョウ ブンカ=Bukkyo bunka 2006.03