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Alternative Names:

Wakabayashi, Haruko = Wakabayashi, Haruko Nishioka


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  Book Review: "Engendering Faith: Women and Buddhism in Premodern Japan," by Barbara Ruch Wakabayashi, Haruko The Journal of Asian Studies 2005.02
  Book Review: "The Gates of Power: Monks, Courtiers, and Warriors in Medieval Japan", by Mikael Adolphson Wakabayashi, Haruko Japanese Religions=日本の諸宗教 2002.01
  Book Review: Thomas Conlan, In Little Need Of Divine Intervention: Takezaki Suenaga's Scrolls Of the Mongol Invasions Of Japan Wakabayashi, Haruko Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 2004
  Monks, Sovereigns, and Malign Spirits: Profiles of Tengu in Medieval Japan Wakabayashi, Haruko Religion Compass 2013.07.03
  Officials of the Afterworld: Ono no Takamura and the Ten Kings of Hell in the Chikurinji engi Illustrated Scrolls Wakabayashi, Haruko Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 2009
  Tengu: Images of the Buddhist Concepts of Evil in Medieval Japan Wakabayashi, Haruko Nishioka 1995.06
  The Dharma for Sovereigns and Warriors: Onjõ-ji's Claim for Legitimacy in Tengu zõshi Wakabayashi, Haruko (著)=若林晴子 (au.) Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 2002
  The Seven Tengu Scrolls: Evil and the Rhetoric of Legitimacy in Medieval Japanese Buddhism Wakabayashi, Haruko (著)=若林晴子 (au.) 2012.04
  Visualizing Hungry Ghosts in Heian Japan: Gakizōshi Scrolls as "Translation" Wakabayashi, Haruko (著) Monumenta Nipponica 2020
  中世における慈惠大師信仰 若林晴子 藝能の中世 2000.03