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祁海寧  (本名)


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Alternative Names:

QI, Hai-ning = Qi, Hai-nin


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  《金陵長干寺真身塔藏舍利石函記》考釋及相關問題=Records of the Stone Case Holding the Pagoda with Shakyamuni's Sarira in Jinling Changgan Temple and the Relative Issues 龔巨平 (著)=Gong, Ju-ping (au.); 祁海寧 (著)=Qi, Hai-nin (au.) 東南文化=Southeast Culture 2012
  不可湮沒的一代高僧 -- 北宋演化大師可政考述=Research on Ke Zheng: A Memorable and Important Buddhist Monk of Northern-Song Dynasty 祁海寧 正觀雜誌=Satyabhisamaya: A Buddhist Studies Quarterly 2012.06.25
  北宋長干寺聖感塔地宮形制成因初探=A Causal Analysis of the Shape and Structure of the Underground Chamber of Shenggan Pagoda in Changgan Temple of the Northern Song Dynasty 祁海寧 (著)=Qi, Hai-nin (au.); 龔巨平 (著)=Gong, Ju-ping (au.) 東南文化=Southeast Culture 2012
  南京大報恩寺史話 祁海寧 2008.07.01
  南京大報恩寺遺址塔基時代、性質及相關問題研究 祁海寧 (著); 周保華 (著) 文物=Cultural Relics=文物參考資料 2015.05
  皇室寺院の遺物:南京大報恩寺遺址出土の明代仏像と六拏具磚 祁海寧 (著)=Qi, Hai-nin (au.); 田林啓 (譯)=Tabayashi, Kei (tr.); 瀧朝子 (譯)=Taki, Asako (tr.) 大和文華=Semi-annual journal of eastern art 2017.11