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Mair, Victor H.  (本名)

+1943-03-25 ~

24 bibliography, 9 full-text collected. (Not Yet Authorization

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Alternative Names:

梅維恒 (別名) = Mair, V. H.


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  An Asian Story of the Oedipus Type Mair, Victor H. Asian Folklore Studies 1986
  Book Review: "Written and unwritten: a new history of the Buddhist caves at Yungang" by James O. Caswell Mair, Victor H. Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1992.06
  Book Reviews: The Flood Myths of Early China By Mark Edward Lewis Mair, Victor H. History of Religions 2009.05
  Book Reviews: The Impact of Buddhism on Chinese Material Culture By John Kieschnick Mair, Victor H. History of Religions 2006.11
  Buddhism and the Rise of the Written Vernacular in East Asia: the Making of National Languages Mair, Victor H. Journal of Asian Studies 1994.08
  Buddhist Transformations and Interactions: Essays in Honor of Antonino Forte Mair, Victor H. 2017.03.16
  Lay Students and the Making of Written Vernacular Narrative: An Inventory of Tun-huang Manuscripts Mair, Victor H. CHINOPERL: Journal of Chinese Oral and Performing Literature 1981
  Notes on the Maudgalyayana Legend in East Asia Mair, Victor H. Monumenta serica : Journal of Oriental Studies=華裔學志 1986-1987
  Oral and Written Aspects of Chinese Sutra Lectures(chiang-ching-wen) Mair, Victor H. 漢學研究=Chinese Studies 1986.06.01
  Some Buddhist Portraits and Images of the Lü and Ch'an Sects in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century China Bush, Susan H. (著); Mair, Victor H. (著) Archives of Asian Art 1977-1978
  Tang transformation texts: a study of the Buddhist contribution to the rise of vernacular fiction and drama in China Mair, Victor H. 1989
  The Book of Good Deeds: A Scripture of the Ne People Mair, Victor H. Religions of China in Practice 1996
  The Buddhist Tradition of Prosimetric Oral Narrative in Chinese Literature Mair, Victor H. Oral Tradition 1988.01-05
  The Complete Text of Śramaṇa Hui's Subcommentary on the Quadripartite Prātimokṣa (Ssu-fen chieh-pen shu) Mair, Victor H. Journal of the American Oriental Society 1984.04-06
  The Khotanese Antecedents of The Sutra of the Wise and the Foolish(Xianyu jing) Mair, Victor H. Collection of Essays 1993: Buddhism Across Boundaries -- Chinese Buddhism and the Western Regions 1999
  The Origins of an Iconographical Form of the Pilgrim Hsuan-tsang Mair, Victor H. Tang Studies=唐學報 1986
  The Sanskrit Originals of Recent Style Prosody Mair, Victor H.; Mei, Tsu-lin Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1991.12
  The Sanskrit origins of recent style prosody Mair, Victor H.; Mei, Tsu-lin Contacts between cultures, v 3 1992
  Three brief essays concerning Chinese Tocharistan Mair, Victor H. 1990
  文學流變的結構和視野 -- 外國學者眼中的中國文學史 梅維恒; 陳引馳 文匯報 1999.07.17
  唐代變文 -- 佛教對中國白話小說及戲曲產生的貢獻之研究 Mair, Victor H.; 陳引馳; 楊繼東 1999
  唐代變文(上)(下) 梅維恒 =Mair, Victor H. ; 楊繼東; 陳引馳 1999.12
  敦煌資料と高山寺『西遊記』第十七章の類似点=Parallels between Some Tun-luang Manuscripts and The Seventeenth Chapter of the Kozanji Journey to the West Mair, Victor H. 大谷大学真宗総合研究所研究所紀要=Annual memoirs of the Otani University Shin Buddhist Comprehensive Research Institute 1988.01.31
  繪畫與表演 -- 中國的看圖講故事和它的印度起源 梅維恒; 王邦維; 榮新江; 錢文忠 2000