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Hamar, Imre  

+1967 ~

10 bibliography, 4 full-text collected. (Not Yet Authorization

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Alternative Names:

郝清新 = ハマル, イムレ


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  A religious leader in the Tang : Chengguan's biography Hamar, Imre 2002
  Interpretation of Yogacara Philosophy in Huayan Buddhism Hamar, Imre Journal of Chinese Philosophy 2010.06
  Khotan and Wutaishan=于闐與五臺山 Hamar, Imre (著)=郝清新 (au.) 一山而五頂:多學科、跨方域、多文化視野中的五臺信仰研究國際學術研討會=An International Conference The Mountain of Five Plateaus: Studies of The Wutai Cult in Multidisciplinary and Transborder/Cultural Approaches 2015.07
  Reflecting Mirrors: Perspectives on Huayan Buddhism Hamar, Imre 2007
  The Doctrines of Perfect Teaching in Ch'eng-kuan's Introduction to His Commentary on the Hua-yen-ching Hamar, Imre 佛學研究中心學報=Journal of the Center for Buddhist Studies 1998.07
  The Khotanese Ox-head Mountain paintings in Dunhuang=敦煌的于闐牛頭山繪畫 Hamar, Imre (著)=郝清新 (au.) When the Himalaya Meets with Alps: The International Forum on Buddhist Art & Buddhism’s Transmission to Europe 2016
  The Mañjuśrī cult in Khotan Hamar, Imre Studies in Chinese Religions 2019
  The Teaching of Daoshen in Tangut Translation: The Mirror of Mind Solonin, K. J. (著); Gimello, R. M. (編); Girard, Frédéric (編); Hamar, Imre (編) Avatamsaka Buddhism in East Asia 2012
  華嚴宗的信仰與修行 郝清新 2014華嚴專宗國際學術研討會論文集上冊 2014.10
  仏心の有無 ハマル, イムレ ザ・グレイトブッダ・シンポジウム論集=Papers from the Great Buddha Symposium 2004.12.18