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朴姯娟  (本名)


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Alternative Names:

Park, Kwang-yeon = 박광연 = ぱくくぁんよん


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  가지산 석남사(石南寺)의 도의(道義) 창건설에 대한 비판적 고찰=Invented History of the Buddhist Temple: Discourse on the 17-18th Century Taego Dharma Lineage and Seoknamsa Temple in Gajisan Mountain 박광연 (著)=Park, Kwang-yeon (au.) 불교학보=佛教學報 2020.06
  大覚国師義天の祖師認識と “宗派”=Taegak Kuksa Ŭich’ŏn’s Understanding of Patriarchs and “Sect” 朴姯娟 (著)=ぱくくぁんよん (au.) 印度學佛教學研究 =Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies=Indogaku Bukkyōgaku Kenkyū 2017.03.20
  고려시대 동화사의 계단과 사리신앙=The Ordination Platform and Devotion for Relics of the Buddha (舍利) at Donghwasa Temple During the Goryeo Dynasty 박광연 (著)=Park, Kwang-yeon (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2022.05.31
  고려후기 ‘法華經戒環解’의유통과 사상사적 의미고려후기 天台宗의 사상 경향에 대한 일고찰=The Circulation and Significance of ‘Beophwa gyeong Gyehwan hae’ around the Late Goryeo A Study of the Philosophical Trend of Cheontae Jong around the Late Goryeo 박광연 (著)=Park, Kwang-yeon (au.) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 2013.02.28
  관단 사원과 계단(戒壇) -- 고려전기 금산사의 교단에서의 위상=A Temple with a Space for Official Ordination (官壇寺院) and its Ordination Platform (戒壇) -- the Status of Geumsansa (金山寺) Temple in the Buddhist Order of Early Goryeo Dynasty 박광연 (著)=Park, Kwang-yeon (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2018.11.30
  신라 중대의 정불국토(淨佛國土) 인식과 의미=An Understanding of the ‘Purify the Buddha-land (淨佛國土)’ of the Middle Silla Period and its Significance 박광연 (著)=Park, Kwang-yeon (au.) 불교학보=佛教學報 2014.07
  신라 진표(眞表)의 미륵신앙 재고찰=A Re-examination of the Maitreya Faith of Silla Master Jinpyo 박광연 (著)=Park, Kwang-yeon (au.) 불교학연구=Korea Journal of Buddhist Studies 2013.12
  新羅 義寂의 『法華經』 이해 -- 『法華經論述記』 분석을 중심으로 =On Uijeok’s Interpretation of the Lotus Sutra ─With Particular Focus on an Analysis of the Beophwagyeongronsulgi 박광연 (著)=Park, Kwang-yeon (au.) 불교학연구=Korea Journal of Buddhist Studies 2008.12
  新羅義寂の『法華経論述記』の一考察=A Study of Uijeok' s (義寂) Beophwagyeongnon sulgi (法華経論述記) 朴姯娟 (著)=Park, Kwang-yeon (au.); 佐藤厚 (譯)=Sato, Atsushi (tr.); 東アジア仏教研究会 東アジア仏教研究=Journal of East Asian Buddhist Studies=ヒガシアジア ブッキョウ ケンキュウ 2011.05
  義寂と憬興の『法華経』一乗解釈について=Uijeok and Gyeongheung’s Interpretations on One Vehicle of the Lotus Sutra 朴姯娟=Park, Kwang-yeon ; 金炳坤=キム, ビョンコン 東洋文化研究所所報=Journal, Research Institute of Eastern Culture=トウヨウ ブンカ ケンキュウジョ ショホウ 2016.04.01