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Dessì, Ugo  


19 bibliography, 14 full-text accessible.  

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Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  Book Review: "Ethics and Society in Contemporary Shin Buddhism" Dessì, Ugo Japanese Religions=日本の諸宗教 2008.01
  Book Review: "Japanese Temple Buddhism : Worldliness in a Religion of Renunciation", by Stephen G. Covell Dessì, Ugo The Eastern Buddhist=イースタン・ブディスト 2007
  Book Review: Buddhist Modernities: Re-inventing Tradition in the Globalizing Modern World Dessì, Ugo (著) Journal of Global Buddhism 2017
  Book Review: Buddhist Responses to Christianity in Postwar Taiwan: Awakening the World by Scott Pacey Dessì, Ugo (評論) Religious Studies Review 2022.06
  Book Review: The Theory and Practice of Zen Buddhism: A Festschrift in Honor of Steven Heine Edited by Charles S. Prebish and On-cho Ng Dessì, Ugo (評論) Religious Studies Review 2023.03
  Book Review: Zen Terror in Prewar Japan: Portrait of an Assassin by Brian Daizen Victoria Dessì, Ugo (評論) Religious Studies Review 2021.09
  Book Reviews: Establishing the Revolutionary: An Introduction to New Religions in Japan By Birgit Staemmler and Ulrich Dehn (eds.) Dessì, Ugo Journal of Religion in Japan 2012
  Book Reviews: Immigrants to the Pure Land: The Modernization, Acculturation, and Globalization of Shin Buddhism, 1898-1941 (Pure Land Buddhist Studies) By Michihiro Ama Dessì, Ugo Journal of Religion in Japan 2013
  Ethics and Society in Contemporary Shin Buddhism Dessì, Ugo 2008
  Glocal Zen in Italy: A Preliminary Exploration of the Underlying Dynamics Dessì, Ugo (著) Religions 2022.10
  'Greening Dharma': Contemporary Japanese Buddhism and Ecology Dessì, Ugo Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture 2013.09
  Japanese Buddhism, Relativization, and Glocalization Dessì, Ugo (著) Religions 2017.01
  Questions from Aum: Question to Aum Yuki, Hideo; Dessì, Ugo Japanese Religions=日本の諸宗教 2013.01
  Religion, Networking, and Social Issues in Japan: The Case of the Kyōdan Fuchi Kenkyūsho Konwakai Dessì, Ugo Japanese Religions=日本の諸宗教 2010.01
  Risshō Kōseikai within Globalization: A Multidimensional Approach Dessì, Ugo Journal of Religion in Japan 2014.01
  Shin Buddhism, Authority, and the Fundamental Law of Education Dessì, Ugo Numen: International Review for the History of Religions 2009
  The Pure Land as a Principle of Social Criticism Dessì, Ugo Japanese Religions=日本の諸宗教 2008.01
  The Social Dimension of Shin Buddhism Dessì, Ugo 2010.08.10
  Trajectories of East Asian Buddhism in South Africa: A Comparative Perspective Dessì, Ugo (著) Journal of Contemporary Religion 2022.10.11