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Modem Buddhist Studies has enjoyed a research history of more than a hundred years in Western and Japanese universities. In Taiwan, although a considerable number of scholars have devoted themselves to Buddhist-related studies, yet we need collaboration and coalescence enhanced. The Digital Library and Museum of Buddhist Studies seeks to fill this need by promoting integrative and interdisciplinary research, and providing the means for efficient international academic exchange of information. The aim is to provide the international Buddhist community a continuously updated and accurate Buddhist bibliographic database and many other research resources.

The DLMBS(Digital Library and Museum of Buddhist Studies) has established over years. In the spring of 1995, Professor Shih, Heng-ching and various professors of National Taiwan University established “Buddhist Studies Internet Database", which was designed as a repository for Buddhism research materials that could be accessed by scholars and researchers around the world. In 1999, with the support of the university, teamed up with Dharma Drum Mountain to expand the content and functions of the site and renamed it the Digital Library and Museum of Buddhist Studies.

Presently sponsored by the NTU College of Liberal Arts, the DLMBS serves Buddhism research communities worldwide. The site has grown to contain 461,406 bibliographical records of books and research papers in 45 languages and 15 forms of media, 107,445 full-text research papers and books, 72 on-line research tools, a listing of 144 international institutes of Buddhist studies and 800 related links. The DLMBS has also acquired a number of digital Buddhist scriptures, including the Tripitaka, Taisho Tripitaka, Xuzangjing, Chien-Lung(Dragon) Tripitaka, Yongle Tripitaka, Tibetan Tripitaka and Pali Tipitaka. These features make the site one of the most comprehensive resources for Buddhist studies on the Internet.

Over the years, the DLMBS has received visitors from 237 countries. It currently draws an average of 300,000 visitors who access an average of 4860,000 pages each month. This high degree of international visibility makes the DLMBS one of the most heavily used Buddhist studies websites in the world. However, because of insufficient source of articles authorized as free of charge that service of delivering literature in full text cannot be provided. In the future, we will strive for authorization of published and individual work. Members in academic circles are welcome to be involved in the authorization plan. Every step contributes to the overall progress of the academia in Buddhism, in the hope of enhancing the frequent use of literature through the search platform and further promotes the inheritance of culture, thinking and technology.

Authorization Instructions
Authorization of journals:
  After the parties enter into the Agreement for Free of Charge Authorization, establishing an index will be the top priority. A digitalized scan will be conducted and then transferred into PDF format with a watermark, so it can be available for browsing and printing.

Agreement for Authorization of Journals (download PDF,WORD)

We want to express our gratefulness to the publishers and authors who agreed to authorize their documents. Members of academic circles are invited to be involved in the authorization plan.


Digital Library & Museum of Buddhist Studies
National Taiwan University Library
B1 Fl., National Taiwan University Library
No. 1, Roosevelt Road, Section 4, Taipei 106, Taiwan
TEL: +886-02-3366-4585
FAX: +886-02-2363-4344



DLMBS holds 9,472 journal titles,among which 0 are current journals whose new issues are added periodically. The Journal Guide features both search and browse functions, and is linked to the main catalog of DLMBS, which currently includes 0 bibliographic titles and 0 fulltexts.

The journals included in the Journal Guide are for personal research use only. No commercial use or high volume downloads are not permitted.

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  1. The Journal Guide includes core journals in Buddhist Studies from Taiwan, China, Japan, other Asian countries, the Americas and Europe. They include:
    • 959 journals in Chinese from 892 publishers.
    • 406 journals in Western languages from 266 publishers.
    • 677 journals in Japanese from 599 publishers.
    • 20 journals in South Korea from 20 publishers.
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