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Aspects of the Study of the (earlier) Indian Mahāyāna
Author Ruegg, David Seyfort
Source Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies=JIABS
Volumev.27 n.1
Pages3 - 62
PublisherPeeters Publishers
Publisher Url
LocationLeuven, Belgium [魯汶, 比利時]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Table of contentsProem 3
The terminology: Mahayana, Bodhisattvayana, Vaipulya, etc., in relation to Sravakayana, Hinayana, Sthaviravada / Theravada, etc. 5
The contextual position of the Mahayana 7
Theravada / Sthaviravada, and the question of a ‘Common’, ‘Mainstream’or ‘Conservative’ Buddhism 10
Types of sources for the history of the earlier Indian Mahayana 12
Some factors involved in the composition and transmission of Mahayana Sutras 18
On versions and recensions of Mahayana Sutras 20
The matter of laymen (grhin, grhapati, grhastha) and of stupas 24
The relation between Mahayana and Sravakayana / Hinayana: opposition and complementarity 28
Co-existence of Mahayana and Sravakayana 30
Buddhism and the ambient Indian religions, and the problem of the relationship between Mahayana and Brahmanism / Hinduism 31
The geographical milieu 33
Two problems in comparativism: Gnosticism and Manichaeism 35
Periodization 36
Hermeneutics in Mahayana 37
The problem of the classification of Sutras as Mahayanist, and the referential extension of the expression ‘mahayana’ 38
A doctrinal and philosophical criterion for the Mahayana 39
The doctrinal classification of individual Mahayanasutras 39
The doctrinal classification of the tathagatagarbha teaching 40
Scripture (Sutra) and commentary (Sastra) in Mahayana 41
On two early masters of the Mahayana: Nagarjuna and Vasubandhu 42
Some other problems of authorship and authenticity in earlier Mahayanist literature 47
The Bodhi(sattva)caryavatara 48
Buddhas and Bodhisattvas 48
Antecedents and prefigurations of Mahayanist doctrine in the thought of Sravakayanist orders / schools (nikaya) 49
The question of so-called ‘merit-transfer’ 52
Mahakaru∞a, or niralambana karu∞a, and sarvakaravaropeta sunyata 54
The complexity of the concept of Mahayana 54
By way of conclusion 56
ISSN0193600X (P); 25070347 (E)
Created date2005.09.23
Modified date2017.09.21

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