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章嘉宗義書〈中觀派章〉漢譯(上)=A Chinese Translation (Part One) of the Madhyamaka Chapter of lCang skya's Grub mtha
Author 許明銀
Source 法光學壇=Dharma Light Lyceum
Pages53 - 92
Publisher法光佛教文化研究所=Fa-kuang Institute of Buddhist Studies
Publisher Url
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword《章嘉宗義書》; 格魯派=Gelugpa; 中觀應成派; 中觀自續派; 拉卜楞寺=Labrang Monastery; 妙音笑金剛=’Jam dbyangs bzhad pa’i rdo rje; 土官三世.羅桑曲吉尼瑪=the third Thu’u kwan bLo bzang chos kyi nyi ma; 《大宗義》; 《宗義書水晶鏡》; 章嘉國師; lCang skya’s Exposition of Tenets; Prāsangika-Mādhyamika; Svātantrika-Mādhyamika; Great Exposition of Tenets; Crystal Mirror; lCang skya
Abstract18世紀格魯派學僧章嘉‧若貝多杰(lCang skya Rol pa’i rdo rje, 1717-1786),從1736年到1746年,完成他的哲學上的名作宗義書:Grub pa’i mtha’i rnam par bzhag pa(略號:CGN)。在他之前,宗義書之集大成,由拉卜楞寺創建者妙音笑金剛(’Jam dbyangs bzhad pa’i rdo rje, 1648-1722)的《大宗義》(Grub mtha’chen mo)作為代表作。這本書,第八品有部(24枚,哲蚌‧果芒札倉版〈’Bras spungs sGo mang par〉),第九品經量部(21枚),第十品唯識派(86枚),第十一品中觀自續派(102枚),第十二品中觀應成派(77枚),依此順序論述佛教;而佛教以外的學派,在第七品以前處理。一般認為,這是由西藏人完成之理解印度哲學思想之集大成。

The famous 18th century Gelugpa scholar lCang skya Rol pa’i rdo rje (1717-1786) finished his famous philosophical work on tenets, the Grub pa’i mtha’i rnam par bzhag pa between 1736 and 1746. He deals with the Sarvāstivadins in chapter eight (24 pages in the ‘Bras spungs sGo mang edition), with the Sautrāntikas in chapter nine (21 pages), with Vijñānavādins in chapter ten (86 pages), with the Svātantrika-Mādhyamika in chapter eleven (102 pages), and with PrāsaGgika-Mādhyamika in chapter twelve (77 pages). Chapters one to seven are devoted to an explanation of non-Buddhist schools. According to general consensus, his work is the summa magna of presentations of Indian philosophy produced by Tibetan scholars.
The second lCang skya lama was the teacher of Thu’u kwan bLo bzang chos kyi nyi ma (1737-1802) who composed another major presentation of tenets which is generally referred to as lCang skya grub mtha’the structure of which is close to ’Jam dbyangs bzhad pa’i rdo rje’s Great Exposition of Tenets. To mention in passing, the title of the third Thu’u kwan’s famous exposition of tenets, finished in 1801) is Crystal Mirror (Grub mtha’ shel gyi me long).
It seems that up to now no local scholar has written on lCang skya’s Exposition of Tenets. Thus I chose its chapter on the Mādhyamika school and translated it in two parts, The Life and Works of Nāgārjuna and The Mādhyamika School in India. Any criticism from scholars home and abroad is welcome.
The Tibetan text with textcritical notes is provided as appendix.
Created date2005.09.26
Modified date2017.08.24

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