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宋元佛教における庵堂=An(庵) and Tang(堂) in Buddhism of the Song and Yuan Dynasties=宋元仏教における庵堂
Author 竺沙雅章 (著)=Chikusa, Masaaki (au.)
Source 東洋史研究=Journal of Oriental Researches=トウヨウシ ケンキュウ
Volumev.46 n.1
Pages1 - 28
Publisher東洋史研究会=The Society of Oriental Researches
Publisher Url
Location京都, 日本 [Kyoto, Japan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Abstract Ever since Buddhism was first introduced to China, si 寺 has been the most common term. for a monastery or convent. Other terms, however, have also been adopted, and patterns in their usage have varied in different periods. For example, Yuan 院, the second most common term after si first appeared in the Tang dynasty and its use spread with the increasing popularity of the Chan (Zen 禪) sect. In the Song, four terms were used: si, yuan, an 庵, and--less frequently--tang 堂. Whereas si and yuan were large establishments recognized by the government, an and tang were smaller in scale and lacked official recognition. Thus, they rarely appear in local gazetteers compiled during the Song. In Buddhist records, however, starting from the Northern Song, one finds many writings of monks and nuns whose residences are described as an.
Based on data from Yuan and Ming gazetteers and on colophons of the Tripitaka printed in southern China, we know that number of an and tang increase in the Song and Yuan dynasties. These records reveal three important facts. First, in southern China, many private an were established by officials and wealthy individuals. Second, in addition to monks and nuns, upasaka--lay devotees--lived in them. And finally, they were centers for the activities of monks belonging to popular new sects such as the White Cloud Sect (Baiyunzong 白雲宗) and White Lotus Sect (Bailianzong 白蓮宗), These were distinguishing features of Buddhism in this period.
Table of contentsはしがき 1
一 五代以前の寺舎の名稱 2
二 宋代における庵堂の普及 6
三 地方志にみえる庵堂 10
四 大蔵経刊記にみえる庵堂 14
五 白蓮宗の庵堂 21
むすぴ 23
ISSN03869059 (P)
Created date2006.10.24
Modified date2020.07.13

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