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Buddhism and Psychotherapy Across Cultures : Esays on Theories and Practices
Author Unno, Mark
PublisherWisdom Publications
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Abstract  佛學與心理治療在亞洲及西方世界流傳甚廣,日趨多元,因此針對二者之間的關係與以探討的文章也越來越多。佛學與心理治療隨著流布時間之久遠與傳播地域之廣泛而不斷發展演進,在文化交融之下,有關「自我」的理論架構也越形豐富。文化之間的互動不僅在這兩個學科之間產生,也超越了地域與倫理的疆界,在各個行者身上體現無遺。

As both Buddhism and psychotherapy have grown and diversified in Asia, as well as in the West, so too has the literature dealing with their interaction. Today, Japan and the United States are the two largest psychotherapeutic cultures in the world, and this volume brings together seminal contemporary thinkers in both disciplines on both sides of the Pacific. Both Buddhism and psychotherapy are cultural institutions that evolved over time as their native cultures evolved, as the configurations of the self evolved, and as new cultures assimilated them. And both have transformed the cultures in which they have evolved. Cross-cultural interaction occurs not only between the two disciplines of Buddhist and psychotherapeutic practice (involving various schools and approaches within each) but also across geographical and ethnic boundaries, within the practitioner him- or herself.

Contributors explore the creative possibilities emerging from the synergy of Buddhism and psychotherapy. Many conference participants came from a Pure Land Buddhist background (the largest stream of Buddhism in East Asia), specifically that of Jodo-shin (commonly known as Shin Buddhism), although Buddhist teachers and scholars of the Zen, Tibetan, and Vipassana traditions were also well represented. This volume in particular brings together world-class specialists from the United States and Japan, including Jack Engler, Anne Klein, Jeremy Safran, Naoki Nabeshima, Yasunobu Okada, Taitetsu Unno. They are versed in various forms of psychotherapy and counseling including clinical practice, therapist training, the care of the terminally ill, and in the practice of Tibetan, Zen, Vipassana and Pure Land Buddhism. This ground-breaking volume offers rich reflections at many levels.
Table of contentsAcknowledgments
Notes on Names and Romanization

Part I: Promises and Pitfalls: Dialogue at the Crossroads

1. Promises and Perils of the Spiritual Path (Jack Engler)
2. Individuation and Awakening: Romantic Narrative and the Psychological Interpretation of Buddhism (Richard K. Payne)
3. Cross-Cultural Dialogue and the Resonance of Narrative Strands (Jeremy D. Safran)
4. Buddhist Practice in Relation to Self-Representation: A Cross-Cultural Dialogue (Harvey Aronson)
5. On Selves and Selfless Discourse (William S. Waldron)
6. Transcendence and Immanence: Buddhism and Psychotherapy in Japan (Tarutani Shigehiro)

Part II: Creative Possibilities: Psychotherapy and Buddhism in Mutual Encounter

7. Psychotherapy and Buddhism: Attending to Sand (Okada Yasunobu)
8. The Borderline Between Buddhism and Psychotherapy (Mark Unno)
9. Naikan Therapy and Shin Buddhism (Taitetsu Unno)
10. Psychology, the Sacred, and Energetic Sensing (Anne Carolyn Klein)

Part III: Death and Dying in Pure Land Buddhism

11. Shandao’s Verses on Guiding Others and Healing the Heart (Julie Hanada-Lee)
12. Shin Buddhist Ministry: Working with Issues of Death and Dying (Seigen H. Yamaoka)
13. A Buddhist Perspective on Death and Compassion: End-of-Life Care in Japanese Pure Land Buddhism (Nabeshima Naoki)


I. Illusions of the Self in Buddhism and Winnicott (Franz Aubrey Metcalf)
II. Shinran’s Thought Regarding Birth in the Pure Land (Naitō Chikō)
III. Key Terms: Shin Buddhism (Mark Unno)

Character Glossary
ISBN0861715071 (pbk); 9780861715077 (pbk)
Created date2006.12.07
Modified date2016.12.26

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