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《傳燈玉英集》卷十四補闕和研究 -- 宋士大夫王隨刪節《景德傳燈錄》之探討=A Study of the Fourteenth Facicle of the Chuandeng yuying ji
Author 黃繹勳 (著)=Huang, Yi-hsun (au.)
Source 中華佛學學報=Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal=The Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies
Pages105 - 137
Publisher中華佛學研究所=The Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies
Publisher Url
Location新北市, 臺灣 [New Taipei City, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Language中文=Chinese; 英文=English
Keyword傳燈玉英集=The Chuandeng yuying ji; 王隨=Wang Sui; 宋士大夫=Song literati; 人間佛教; 景德傳燈錄=The Jingdeng lu chuanden; 金藏=The Jin dynasty Chinese Buddhist Canon
對於漢傳佛教之研究而言,《傳燈玉英集》之重要在於其所透露出的特殊意義。由於趙城《金藏》的發現,讓我們得此珍貴機會研究《傳燈玉英集》之內容,藉由王隨──一位生活於宋代且好佛之儒者──的著作,明瞭佛教禪宗傳記文獻中,那些是會對受儒家教育之士人造成閱讀困難或接受障礙的敘述。王隨所刪節的內容,卻正提供給我們一些重要的線索,去思維探討王隨認為佛教在宋朝儒家士大夫間弘揚時, 有那些需要注意調節之處,使我們對宋朝時儒佛之交涉有更深刻的理解,另外,在思維佛教如何於漢傳社會弘揚發展時,也多增加了一些考量的角度。

The Chuandeng yuying ji 傳燈玉英集, compiled by Song literatus Wand Sui 王隨, is an abridged edition of the Jingde chuandeng lu 景德傳燈錄. Wang Sui states that the abridgement was done by adoptiong the writing style of Chinese historical works: "brief, but reserving that which is important" (jucun jilüe 具存紀略). The Chuandeng yuying ji was to be included in the Chinese Buddhist Canon, carved, printed, and circulated by decree of Song Emperor Renzong 仁宗 during years 2-3 of Jingyou 景祐 period (1035-36). This text was long considered lost until 1933, when the monk Fancheng 範成 discovered a copy of the Jin dynasty Chinese Buddhist Canon (Jinzang 金藏) at the Guangsheng 廣勝 temple in Zhaocheng 趙城. Shanxi 山西. This Jinzang version of the Chuandeng yuying ji maintains its status as the single extant version.
 This article attempts to examine the textual value and significance of the Chuandeng yuying ji from the historical and cultural points of view. It first introduces the life of Wang Sui and describes Wang Sui's reasons for compiling the Chuandeng yuying ji. then it presents the edition information and structure of the text. Following that, the author supplies missing characters in the table of content for the fourteenth fascicle. Finally, in order to bring to light the principles Wang Sui used in creating his abridged text, the author compares the fourteenth fascicle of the Chuandeng yuying ji with its counterpart in the Jingde chuandeng lu, the twentyseventh and twenty-eighth fascicles. In summary, Wang Sui often edited out tedicus descriptions of years and dates, accounts of strange behaviors, difficult Buddhist terms and concepts, and words and concepts that might offend emperors or go against Chinese customs or probably challenge general images of female Buddhists.
 For the study of Chinese Buddhism, the importance of the Chuandeng yuying ji is in its unique manner of compilation. Through the example of compiler Wang Sui, a Song Confucian scholar and a Buddhist, it is possible to find the elements contained in Chan biographical literature that might cause conceptual or ideological difficulties for Song literati. The words and sentences excised by Wang Sui provide clues for an understanding of what Wang Sui considered to be the types of content that required adjustment when Buddhist materials were propagated among the Song literati. The study of this text helps us gain a greater understanding of the interchange between Buddhism and Confucianism in the Song, and also provides Buddhists with a broader view with which to perceive the development of Buddhism in Chinese society.
Table of contents前言 107
一、王隨之生平與自述編著《傳燈玉英集》之原因 108
二、《傳燈玉英集》之版本與組織 111
三、《傳燈玉英集》卷十四之補闕與組織 116
四、《傳燈玉英集》卷十四刪節情況之分析 119
結語 128
ISSN10177132 (P)
Created date2006.12.07
Modified date2017.06.20

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