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初探印光法師的觀音信仰 — 兼述李止淨〈觀世音菩薩本跡感應頌〉=An Initial Study of Dharma-Master Yin-guang's Avalokitesvara Faith — With a Discussion on Lee Zhi-jing's Odes to Avalokitesvara’s Manifested Responses to Appeals
Author 林淑媛 (著)=Lin, Shu-yuan (au.)
Source 圓光佛學學報=Yuan Kuang Journal of Buddhist Studies
Pages121 - 137
Publisher圓光佛學研究所=Yuan Kuang Buddhist College
Publisher Url
Location桃園縣, 臺灣 [Taoyuean hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Associate Professor Qing-yun University
Keyword印光法師=Dharma-master Yin-guang; 觀音信仰=Avalokitesvara faith; 李止淨=Lee Zhi-jing; 普陀山=Pu-to Mountain; 感應=responses to appeals

This paper is a study of Dharma-master Yin-guang’s Avalokitesvara faith. Yin-guang resided in Pu-to Mountain for many years. He also revised The Annals of Pu-to Mountain and asked Lee Zhi-jing to compile Odes to Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara’s Manifested Responses to Appeals. There are many references to Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara in collected works of Master Yin-guang, but these are rarely touched on by scholars who study the master’s philosophy and status. This is the reason for writing this paper. The paper is only an initial investigation, leaving out other aspects of the master’s thoughts which require more detailed treatment. Lee Zhi-jing compiled Odes at Master Yin-quang’s request, so it was meant as an aid to the propagation of the master’s Avalokitesvara faith. The contents of the master’s faith are treated in five parts: the enlarged scope of Avalokitesvara’s compassionate saving of sufferers, the Pu-to Avalokitesvara as a merger of the Lotus School’s Avalokitesvara and the Pure-land School’s Avalokitesvara, emphasis on both name-reciting and moral discipline, clear explanation of the principles of Avalokitesvara’s responses to appeals, and the relationship between the Avalokitesvara faith and women. This explanation is followed by a discussion on the occasion for Lee Zhi-jing’s compilation of Odes and the general form and the characteristics of the work. Finally, of Master Yin-guang’s Avalokitesvara faith, two special points are mentioned: First, if a person seeks Avalokitesvara’s responses to his appeals, he must really put the religion into practice, that is, he must deeply believe in karmic retribution, correct his evil action and turn toward the good, and learn the kindness and compassion of a bodhisattva. Second, a person who constantly recites Avalokitesvara’s name can not only be relieved of danger and calamity in the present lifetime and obtain blessings and wisdom, he can also be led into rebirth in the Western Paradise, forever free from the suffering of samsara.
Table of contents一、前言 122
二、印光法師觀音信仰的內涵 124
(一)擴大觀音救苦悲濟的範圍 124
(二)普陀觀音乃融合法華觀音與淨土觀音 125
(三)強調持名法門與道德教化兼重 125
(四)闡揚觀音感應原理深入淺出 126
(五)觀音信仰與婦女的關係 129
三、李止淨編修《觀世音菩薩本跡感應頌》 130
(一)李止淨編修《觀世音菩薩本跡感應頌》的因緣 ─ 受印光法師之囑咐 130
(二)編修觀音感應頌的體例 132
(三)編撰的特色 133
四、結論 134
ISSN16086848 (P)
Created date2006.12.14
Modified date2020.09.22

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