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Annotated Translation of the Chapter on the Yogācāra of the Blo gsal grub mtha': Part One
Author Mimaki, Katsumi (著)=御牧克己 (au.)
Source 京都大学文学部研究紀要=Memoirs of the Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University=キョウト ダイガク ブンガクブ ケンキュウ キヨウ
Pages1 - 49
Publisher Url
Location京都, 日本 [Kyoto, Japan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Language英文=English; 梵文=Sanskrit
Table of contents1. Teachings of Definitive and Provisional Meaning, According to the Yogacara School 3
1.1. The Teaching of Definitive Meaning: Mind Only 3
1.2. The Teaching of Provisional Meaning: The Existence of Visible Matter, etc., and the Absence of Self-nature 7
1.2.1. The Existence of Visible Matter, etc., As a Teaching of Provisional Meaning 8
1.2.2. The Absence of Self-nature As a Teaching of Provisional Meaning 9
2. The Divisions of the Yogācāra 12
2.1. The Main Divisions: the Sayākāravādin (rNam bden pa) and the Alikākāravādin (rNam rdzun pa) 12
2.2. Philosophers Who Sometimes Take the Position of the Satyākāravādin and Sometimes That of the Alikākāravādin 16
2.3. The Internal Divisions of the Satyākāravādin and the Alikākāravādin 18
3. The Five Categories (gźi lńa, paňca-vasta) 22
3.1. Matter (gzugs, rūpa) 22
3.2. Mind (sems, citta) : The Number of Types of Consciousness Which Certain Philosophers Maintain 24
3.2.1. Those Who Maintain Eight Groups of Consciousness 24
3.2.1.a. Receptacle-consciousness (kun gźi'i rnam par śes pa, ālayavijňāna) 25
3.2.1.b. The "Defiled Mind" (ňon mońs can gyi yid, kliṣṭmanas) 27
3.2.1.c. Active Cognitions ('jug pa'i rnam śes, pravṛttivijňāna) 30
3.2.1.d. Transformation of the Base (gnas gyur pa, āśraya-parāvṛtti) 30
3.2.2. Those Who Maintain Six Groups of Consciousness 31
3.2.3. Those Who Maintain a Single Consciousness 32
3.3. Mental Factors (sems las byuṅ ba, caitta) 33
3.3.1. Those Who Maintain That the Mental Factors are Different From the Mind 34
3.3.2. Those Who Maintain That the Mental Factors are not Different From the Mind 35
3.4. Conditioning Factors not Associated(with the Mind) (mi ldan pa'i 'du byed, viprayukta-saṃskāra) 37
3.5. Intermediate Stanza (bar skabs kyi tshigs su bcad pa, antaraśloka) 39
3.6 The Unconditioned ('dus ma byas, asaṃskṛta) 40
3.7. The Relation Between the Five Categories and the Aggregates, Sense-Fields and Elements 41
3.8. The Relation Between the Five Categories and the Four Noble Truths 43
ISSN04529774 (P)
Created date2008.04.25
Modified date2021.03.05

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