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賢淨圓融之研究=Research on the Perfect-fusing of Huayan and the Pure Land School
Author 段新龍
Publisher Url
Location四川, 中國 [Sichuan, China]
Content type博碩士論文=Thesis and Dissertation
Publication year2006
Keyword賢凈圓融=the perfect-fusing of Huayan and the Pure Land School; 圓融=perfect-fusing; 華嚴=Huayan; 淨土=Pure Land; 普賢行愿品=the book of Puxian' Willingness and Deeds

The growth history of Chinese Buddhism, the pure land where the secret gradually and become the mainstream thinking in Chinese buddhism. This paper is to study the pure land thought history, combining the secret of Huayan doctrine, classical and other content, is divided into three chapters. The first chapter discusses the thought of combining net xian. Outlines the Kegon Jingtu and cases and two cases in the history of the slowly intersection, and then discusses the Ming China Buddhism all fading conditions, showing in the meantime Zen mad wind fashion, Buddhism worrying future state. At this time Reke Hiro came into being, carry forward the solid Dusing pure secret life, and strive to change the status of buddhism. He used to carry forward the pure land is set up on the basic teachings of Huayan on the thought, this is called a net harmony thought. His victory Yin applications net harmony thought promotion position of the secret of the pure land, financing of Zen net distance threshold to lure Buddhist heart converted to land the secret. The Yin of net joint way won the widespread recognition and even later, not only lead to the pure land secret reached unprecedented Longsheng the main reasons, and also played a decisive influence on Chinese Buddhism all grown up. Xian net harmony thought in Yuan Hongdao, Lin Pei, Peng Jiqing et continued and carry forward the complete mature, to the unique Chinese Buddhism in harmony with the nature, it is the concentrated expression of fusion energy. The second chapter deals with Xianjing thoughts on harmony, harmony thinking of the net content of xian. The first section discusses how to teach the sentence, the actual application of Huayan pure land stop praise style panjiao. From the dimension of time split off, the secret of land belonging to the teachings for the first time "before sunrise photo", and permeate the teaching; from the teachings organized split off, secret of land belonging to the "circle of teaching" and "teaching", and the Avatamsaka Sutra "with the teachings of the Buddha the most happy. The second section discusses the actual teachings, financing its pure land. From the Huayan harmony doctrine to start, the Huayan school "a true dharma" and pure classic "heart is Buddha" between the actual is unobstructed harmony; Amitabha, and Vairocana Buddha, pure land of ultimate bliss and the Avatamsaka realm are mutually melt taken no difference.
Table of contents摘要 2-4
緒論 8-10
第一章 賢淨融合之研究 10-27
    第一節華嚴與淨土思想的逐步交匯 10-16
        一、華嚴宗與淨土宗略述 10-11
        二、華嚴與淨土思想的逐步交匯 11-13
        三、賢淨圓融思想產生的時代要求 13-16
    第二節 賢淨圓融思想的成熟 16-22
        一、以蓮池祩宏的​​著作為標誌 16-17
        二、賢淨圓融思想的繼續發展與實踐 17-22
    第三節 對賢淨圓融思想之評價 22-27
        一、作為中國佛學特質的圓融精神及在賢淨二宗中的體現 22-24
        二、賢淨圓融思想集中體現了中國佛教的圓融特質 24-26
        三、對賢淨圓融思想之批判 26-27
第二章 賢淨圓融思想略述 27-51
    第一節 判教 27-31
        一、三時判 27-28
        二、五教判 28-31
    第二節 教理 31-37
        一、一真法界與“是心是佛” 31-33
        二、彌陀全體遮那 33-35
        三、極樂不離華藏 35-37
    第三節 修行 37-47
        一、信:起圓信 37-40
        二、願:普賢大願 40-43
        三、行:華嚴念佛 43-47
    第四節 果證 47-51
        一、普賢願王與臨終接引 47-49
        二、華嚴一生圓滿與往生得不退轉 49-51
第三章《普賢行願品》研究——賢淨圓融思想之關鍵 51-63
    第一節 《普賢行願品》概述 51-53
    第二節《普賢行願品》為《華嚴經》之旨歸 53-56
        一、以經題來理解 53-54
        二、通過“普賢”之意義理解 54-55
        三、聯繫全經內容來理解 55-56
    第三節《普賢行願品》為賢淨思想會通之關鍵 56-59
        一、會通淨土宗之文本基礎 56-57
        二、賢淨思想之會通點 57-58
        三、解決賢淨之諍論 58-59
    第四節《普賢行願品》如何成為淨土宗根本經典 59-63
結語 63-64
參考文獻 64-66
在讀期間科研成果簡介 66-68
後記 68
Created date2008.06.30
Modified date2015.11.20

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