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Shin Buddhism Bits Of Rubble Turn Into Gold
Author Unno, Taitetsu
Publisher Url
LocationUS [美國]
Content type書籍=Book
NoteIncludes bibliographical references.
Keyword心靈=Spiritual; 佛教人物=Buddhist; 佛教經典=Buddhist Scriptures=Sutra; 法然=Honen; 初期佛教=早期佛教=根本佛教=原始佛教=Primitive Buddhism=Early Buddhism; 長行=契經=修多羅=Sutra; 阿彌陀佛=Amitaba Buddha=Amida Buddha; 信心=Belief=Faith; 修行方法=修行法門=Practice; 淨土=Pure Land; 淨土宗=Pure Land Buddhism=Shin Buddhism; 開悟=證悟=Satori=Enlightenment; 慈悲心=Compassion=Metta=Loving Kindness=Maitri; 福報=福田=功德=Virtue=Merit; 親鸞=Shinran; 日本佛教=Japanese Buddhism
AbstractInterest in Buddhism continues to grow throughout North America, and more and more readers are moving beyond the familiar Zen and Tibetan traditions to examine other types of Buddhism. In Shin Buddhism, Taitetsu Unno explains the philosophy and practices of "Pure Land" Buddhism, which dates back to the sixth century c.e., when Buddhism was first introduced in Japan.
While Zen Buddhism flourished in remote monasteries, the Pure Land tradition was adopted by the common people. With a combination of spiritual insight and unparalleled scholarship, the author describes the literature, history, and principles of this form of Buddhism and illuminates the ways in which it embodies this religion's most basic tenet: "No human life should be wasted, abandoned, or forgotten but should be transformed into a source of vibrant life, deep wisdom, and compassionate living." As a practice that evolved to harmonize with the realities of everyday life, Shin Buddhism will be particularly attractive to contemporary Western readers.
Table of contentsAcknowledgments xi
Preface xiii
Prologue 1
PART ONE Transformation 1. Rubble into Gold 11
2. Great Practice and Deep Hearing 23
3. Progressive Stages of Deep Hearing 30
4. Beyond the Psychological 37
5. Religion and Spirituality 43
6. Primal Vow 48
7. The Absolute Present 55
8. Time at Its Ultimate Limit 63
9. Shinjin as True Entrusting 67
10. A Path Less Taken 73
PART TWO Unfolding Awareness 11. A Wasted Life 85
12. Self-Delusion 89
13. Subliminal Self 94
14. Symbolism of Light 98
15. Compassion that Nurtures 107
16. Living the Buddha Dharma 114
17. Personal and Social 123
PART THREE Life as Creative Art 18. Creativity in Shin Life 131
19. Space as Metaphor 137
20. The World-Honored One 137
21. The Ordinary as Extraordinary 147
22. Two Parables 150
23. Life as Naturalness: Jinen 154
24. Life Beyond Our Control 160
25. Good and Evil 165
PART FOUR Expanding Horizons 26. Three Grapefruits 175
27. Forgiveness 179
28. Caregiver Bodhisattva 184
29. The Inconceivable as Conceivable 193
30. The Inconceivable as Lived 197
31. Nirvana 204
32. Gratitude 208
33. Shinran's Wife 213
34. Critical Classification of Doctrines 222
Epilogue 227
Created date2008.07.18
Modified date2019.11.08

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