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Author 楊白衣
Source 華岡佛學學報=Hwakang Buddhist Journal
Pages57 - 111
Publisher Url
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword金剛經; 空; 大乘佛教; 般若經; 菩薩; 無餘涅槃; 遮照理論; 維摩詰經
Abstract《金剛經》是現存大乘經論中屬於最古老的經典. 本經
善男信女. 但這問題一直被忽略,致使大乘佛教的淵源曖
昧不清. 本論文雖屬導論性質,但對這問題稍加引證. 儘
時,大乘佛教剛萌芽而尚未有定型的標語. 空是原始經典無
明太子的三十二分法,簡介科判以利讀者之參考. 至於經文

The Diamond `Sutra` is one of the earliest
`Mahayana Sutras` now existent. Like the other
`Prajna-sutras, ` it is spoken to people who are
newly datermined to pursue the Bodhisattva Path,
namely,the novice bodhisattvas or lay devotees.
This point,as is proved in the paper,has been long
neglected,with a result that the origination of
`Mahayana` Buddhism has not been clearly understood.
Although the `Sutra` is mainly aimed at interpreting
the doctrine of Emptiness of `Mahayana`,it never
uses such terms as "Emptiness" and "`Mahayana`."
This indicates that when the Diamond `Sutra` first
appeared,`Mahayana` Buddhism was just in its
beginning stage without definite terminology to
express itself. "Emptiness" is a synonym of
"non-ego(`anatman`)"and "impermanency," terms which
made their way into early Buddhist scriptures. The
idea of Emptiness is dramatized in the
`Vimalakirti-nirdesa Sutra`. A related concept,
saying that life is egoless and yet endless, is
explained in the Chapter of the `Tathagata's`
Lifespan in the Lotus `Sutra`. In the same `Sutra`
,in the Chapter called "The Universal Door of
Bodhisattva `Avalokitesvara`," we find a depiction
of the Practice of Great Compassion derived from the
realization of Emptiness and impermanency.

This paper focuses on the "Commentaries to the
Diamond `Sutra` written by `Asanga` and Vasubandhu,
and also briefly introduces the 32-chapter division
of the `Sutra` made by Prince Chao Ming of the Liang
Dynasty. A study of the text of the `Sutra` may be
published in the future.
Table of contents一、前言 58
二、金剛經的版本 64
三、金剛經各種版本的比較 68
四、金剛經的註釋 71
(一)無著菩薩造『能斷金剛般若波羅蜜多經論頌』一卷、唐、義淨譯 72
(二)天親菩薩造『金剛般若波羅蜜經論』三卷、元魏、菩提流支譯 72
(三)無著菩薩造『金剛般若論』(麗本)二卷,隋達磨笈多譯 73
(四)世親菩薩造、金剛仙論師釋『金剛仙論』十卷、元魏、菩提流支譯 74
(五)功德施菩薩造『金剛般若波羅蜜經破取著不壞假名論』二卷、唐、地婆訶羅譯 75
五、分科 81
(一)智顗的十二分 81
(二)吉藏的二周 81
(三)昭明太子的三十二分 84
(四)昭明太子三十二分與無著世親之偈釋 85
六、內容 96
(一)對佛法的根本認識 96
(二)遮照中道 97
(三)遮照論理的歷史意義 98
七、結論 100
Created date1998.07.22
Modified date2017.08.17

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