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Author 楊白衣
Source 華岡佛學學報=Hwakang Buddhist Journal
Pages105 - 156
Publisher Url
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword圓測; 玄奘=Xuanzang=Hiuen Tsiang; 窺基; 三性說; 中觀; 無相唯識論; 有相唯識論; 新唯識學; 舊唯識學
Abstract圓測 (六一三 ~ 六九六) 是新羅出身之一代學僧. 初與
僧. 不幸的是圓測受到窺基一派的嫉妒,不但被歧視為旁門
左道予以破門,更被醜化為以賄賂盜聽他人講義之小人. 但
」. 依現存的圓測之著作判斷,圓測受到世親,安慧,真諦
的影響頗鉅. 他以「理長為宗」為宗旨,公平地攝取印度新
舊二系之唯識,也提出不少新的見解. 他不但精通唯識,對
. 眾多中國高僧的著作未被譯成西藏文,而一介新羅人--
由這事實亦可了解圓測的思想,其水準之高如何了. 圓測

Yuan-ts'e (613-696) was an eminent scholar from
Korea. At first he was a fellow student with
Hsuan-tsang learning from Fa-ch'ang and Seng-pien
the earlier `Vijnana` School transmitted by
Paramartha. When Hsuan-tsang returned to China from
India in the year of 645,Yuan-ts'e immediately went
to him to study the Dharmapala branch of the new
`Vijnana` thought together with Kuei-chi. Finally he
shared with Kuei-chi the leadership among the
`Vijnana` scholars of the T'ang Dynasty.

Unfortunately he suffered defamation at the
hands of Kuei-ch'i's followers, who were jealous of
him and prejudicedly regarded his theory as
erroneous and vilified him as one who bribed to
steal others' lecture notes. According to the
inscriptions engraved on the stupa for his relics
written by Sung Fu,Yuan-ts'e was a noble,
immaculate scholar,highly respected by Empress Wu.
He once checked the meanings of translated `sutras`
for `Divakara` and others. Judging from the extant
works left by him,he was greatly influenced by
Vasubandhu,Sthiramati,and Paramartha. But he aimed
at truth only; he unbiasedly accepted both the old
and new `Vijnana` theories and offered quite a few
ideas of his own. He was not only well-versed in the
`Vijnana` School,but also in the `Prajna` the
Vinaya, the Pure Land,and the Abhidharmakosa Schools
and offered his own opinions on them. His commentary
to the `Sandi-nirmocana Sutra` was translated into
Tibetan by Fa-cheng in the ninth century and often
quoted by Sumatikirti.

Therefore,Yuan-ts'e is a valuable subject of
study. But in the past one thousand odd years no
overall research on this scholar has been done,and
his thoughts have been discriminated against. In
this article the author attempts to correct this
situation,to re-evaluate Yuan-ts'e's thoughts and
give him the high scholastic position that he
Table of contents一、序 107
二、測師塔銘並序之傳記 110
三、關於三國遺事的傳記 115
四、崔致遠之圓測傳 117
五、圓測之為人 120
六、圓測的事蹟 121
(一)現存著作 122
(二)散逸著作 132
七、圓測的思想特色 136
(一)三時教判 136
(二)內容 136
(三)譯名相違 136
(四)「行深般若」解 137
(五)「照見五蘊皆空」解 137
(六)「舍利子」解 138
(七)「色空不一不異」解 138
(八)「三世諸佛依般若」解 139
(九)「陀羅尼」解 139
八、唯識與中觀的融通(特色之二) 139
九、新舊唯識的會歸(特色之三) 145
Created date1998.07.22
Modified date2017.08.22

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