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從《人間覺半月刊》看近代中國佛教對基督宗教的回應=Modern Chinese Buddhist Response to Christianity: A Study of "Jen Chien Chueh (bimonthly magazine)"
Author 何建明 (著)=He, Jian-ming (au.) ; 賴品超 (著)=Lai, Pan-chiu (au.)
Source 輔仁宗教研究=Fujen Religious Studies
Pages63 - 85
Publisher Url
Location臺北縣, 臺灣 [Taipei hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword基督宗教=Christianity; 人間覺半月刊; 回應=Response; 近現代中國=Modem China; Buddhism
1. 從佛教的因緣觀出發,否定基督教的上帝觀念,並又質疑耶穌的歷史真實性,批評基督教教義的自相矛盾性。
2. 駁斥基督徒將佛教看作是消極避世的迷信宗教的誤解,強調大乘佛教的積極救世精神,堅決維護佛教的優勝性。
3. 糾正基督徒對佛教的曲解,批駁他們對基督教的佛化闡釋及其對佛教的貶損.並揭示佛教與基督教在教義方面的根本分歧,防止佛教基督教化。
4. 從宗教文化發展大勢和社會發展的現實需要出發,檢討中國佛教晚近的衰落和自身存在的積弊與時病,積極肯定基督教在教義和傳教與開展社會服務等方面所存在著的優勢與經驗,自覺地為中國佛教的革新與復興尋找借鑑。

"Jen Chien Chueh" was a popular Buddhist magazine launched in the 1930s. In its Vol.2, No.10 (1937),it published many articles giving critical responses to Christianity. These articles provided valuable primary sources for the study of the modem Chinese Buddhist response to Christianity. Through a study of these articles, the present article attempts to indicate that the modem Chinese Buddhist response to Christianity consists of several aspects:
1.At the doctrinal level, Chinese Buddhists challenged the coherence of Christian doctrines and the historical authenticity of the account of Jesus.
2.From the standpoint of Mahayana Buddhism, Chinese Buddhists attempted to rebuke the criticism made by Christians concerning Buddhist escapism and to reaffirm the Bodhisattva spirit and thus the superiority of Buddhism.
3.Through clarifying basic Buddhist beliefs and rectifying the misrepresentation of Buddhist doctrines made by Christian intellectuals, Chinese Buddhists refuted the Christian attempt to Buddhisticize Christianity in order to Christianize Buddhism.
4.At the level of practice, Chinese Buddhists acknowledged their shortcomings in missionary activities and social services and attempted to learn from Christianity.
These responses highlight not only the fundamental differences between Chinese and Western culture, but also the Buddhist attempts to stand firm on their tradition on the one hand and to revive Buddhism in modern China on the other hand.
ISSN16820568 (P); 16820568 (E)
Created date2003.10.31
Modified date2019.12.12

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