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Buddhist Ethics and Modern Society:An International Symposium
Author Wawrytko, Sandra Ann ; Fu, Charles Wei-hsun=傅偉勳
Source Buddhist Ethics and Modern Society: An International Symposium
PublisherGreenwood Press
LocationWestport, CT, US [韋斯特菲爾德, 康乃狄克州, 美國]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
NoteContributions to the Study of Religion, No. 31, ISSN:0196-7053.
Keyword佛教倫理學=Buddhist Ethics; 現代佛教=近代佛教=Contemporary Buddhism;
Table of contents
Foreword / Ven. Sheng-Yen
Introduction / Charles Wei-hsun Fu and Sandra Ann Wawrytko
Prologue:Buddhist Tradition and Modernity / Ven. Sheng-Yen; Kosho Mizutani; Lewis R. Lancaster

I. The Past:Traditional Roots
1. The Ethics of Mahayana Buddhism in the Bodhicaryavatara / Ryojun Mitomo
2. The Role of Filial Piety in Chinese Buddhism:A Reassessment / Jan Yun-hua
3. The Renaissance of Vinaya Thought During the Late Ming Dynasty of China / Ven. Sheng-Yen
4. Four Great Thinkers in Modern Chinese Buddhism / Ven. Sheng-Yen
5. The Conflict Between Vinaya and the Chinese Monastic Rule:The Dilemma of Disciplinarian Venerable Hung-I / Tso Sze-bong
6. Pratimoksa, Bodhi-citta, and Samaya / A. W. Barber
7. Mind Training Practice in Everyday Life:Tibetan Sources / Min Bahadur Shakya
8. Nichiren's View of Ethics / Gyoko Otani
9. The Three Treasures as the Basis of Buddhist Ethics and their Application in Daily Life / Kodo Matsunami

II. The Present:Current Issues
10. The Relevance of the Noble Eightfold Path to Contemporary Society / P. Don Premasiri
11. The Scope and Contemporary Significance of the Five Precepts / Lily de Silva
12. Buddhist Ethics and Modern Politics:A Theravada Viewpoint / Sulak Sivaraksa
13. Insight -- Virtue -- Morality / Chandra N. Saeng
14. Environmental Ethics:A Buddhist Perspective / Padmasiri de Silva
15. The Buddhist Response to Health and Disease in Environmental Perspective / Cromwell Crawford
16. Buddhist Ethics in the Practice of Medicine / Venerable Mettanando Bhikkhu
17. Buddhist Ethics in Everyday Life in Thailand:A Village Experiment / Roongraung Boonyoros
18. Buddhist Ethics and the Problem of Ethnic Minorities:The Case of Ladakh / John H. Crook
19. Tradition and Change in the Sangha:A Buddhist Historian Looks at Buddhism in America / Daniel B. Stevenson
20. The Religious Position of Buddhist Women in Thailand / Chatsumarn Kabilsingh
21. On the Path to Ultimate Awakening:Women's Liberation in the Context of Taoism and Ch'an/Zen / Sandra A. Wawrytko
22. "The Buddha or the Bomb":Ethical Implications in Nishitani Keiji's Zen View of Science / Steven Heine
23. Buddhism and Money:The Repression of Emptiness Today / David R. Loy
24. From Paramartha-satya to Samvrti-satya:An Attempt at Constructive Modernization of (Mahayana) Buddhist Ethics / Charles Wei-hsun Fu

III. The Future:Buddhist Ethics in a Pluralistic World
25. Realizing Skillful Means in Future Buddhist Institutions / Masao Shoshin Ichishima
26. Buddhism and the Contemporary World:The Problem of Social Action in an Urban Environment / Lewis R. Lancaster
27. Buddhist Responses to Religious Pluralism:What are the Ethical Issues? / David W. Chappell
28. Buddhist and Western Ethics:Problematics and Possibilities / Kenneth K. Inada
29. Buddhist Dharma and Natural Law:Toward a Trans-Cultural,Universal Ethics / Shohei Ichimura
Created date2002.02.22

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