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試窺印順法師的思想大要(下)=Peeking at the Gist of Master Yin-shun's Philosophy : The Red Thread of Dependent Origination
Author 觀淨比丘=陳水淵
Source 法光學壇=Dharma Light Lyceum
Pages38 - 49
Publisher法光佛教文化研究所=Fa-kuang Institute of Buddhist Studies
Publisher Url
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword緣起=十二因緣=Pratityasamutpada; 緣起=pratitya-samutpada=conditions=paticca-samuppada; 緣起=paticca-samuppada=pratitya-samutpada=conditions; 淨土=Pure Land; 中觀; 法師=Master; 佛教史=Buddhist History; 中國佛教思想; 佛法=Buddhadharma; 三法印=Three Dharma Seals; 因果=Cause and Effect=Causality=Causation; 印度佛教=Indian Buddhism; 方法論=Methodology; 二諦=twofold truth; 大乘; 中國佛教=Chinese Buddhism
2. 1:八不緣起.
2. 2:緣起有即空--空有無礙.
2. 3:依緣起說二諦教.
2. 4:緣起的三法印.
2. 5:緣起的三重性和二大理則.
2. 6:緣起的觀照--中觀法.
2. 7:依緣起貫徹慈悲.
2. 8:緣起的用之一 --抉擇宗教
2. 9:緣起的用之二 --對佛教史四大問題的抉擇.
2. 9. 1:判分空宗與有宗.
2. 9. 2:貫通原始佛法與大乘空義.
2. 9. 3:判分大乘三系.
2. 9. 4:抉擇天佛一如.
2. 13:緣起的用之六-抉擇中國佛教思想.
2. 14:緣起的用之七-成佛之道.
2. 15:緣起的用之八-創造人間淨土.

The present paper aims at weaving a red thread through the gist of master Yin-shun's philosophy by means of dependent origination. It clarifies only the major cause-effect relationships and their further applications but does not deal with minor problems.
1. Dependent origination negating aspects
2. The empty existence of dependent origination--emptiness and existence unimpeded
3. The doctrine of the two truths taught on the basis of dependent origination
4. The three dharma seals of dependent origination
5. The threefold nature and two great principles of dependent origination
6. Meditation on dependent origination--the method of the centrist view
7. Combining kindness and compassion on the basis of dependent origination
8. One application of dependent origination--choosing one's religion
9. Another application of dependent origination--coming to a decision regarding the four great questions of Buddhist history
9. 1 Discerning between proponents of existence and those of emptiness
9. 2 Harmonizing original Buddhism and the Mahayana teaching of emptiness
9. 3 Dicerning between the three great schools of Mahayana thought
9. 4 Deciding whether buddha and deva are the same
10. The third application of dependent origination--the dynamics of the history (of Indian Buddhism)
11. The fourth application of dependent origination--research methodology
12. The fifth application of dependent origination--the standard of critically accepting Buddhist thought
13. The sixth application of dependent origination--discerning Chinese Buddhist thought
14. The seventh application of dependent origination--the path to buddhahood
15. The eighth application of dependent origination--creating a Pure Land in this world
Created date1999.01.14
Modified date2017.08.23

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