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法藏《大乘起信論義記》及元曉與見登的相關述記關於一心開二門的闡釋=Fa-Tzang's Interpretation of the Interweaving Between Tathagatagarbha and Vijnaptimatra in his Commentary on Mahayanasraddhotpada
Author 賴賢宗 (著)=Lai, Shen-chon (au.)
Source 中華佛學學報=Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal=Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies
Pages267 - 292
Publisher中華佛學研究所=Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies
Publisher Url
Location新北市, 臺灣 [New Taipei City, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Language中文=Chinese; 英文=English
Note全文: htm
Keyword賴賢宗; Lai, Shen-chon; 法藏; 元曉; 《大乘起信論》; 如來藏說; 一心開二門; tathagatagarbha; Fa-Tzang; paramartha; the Interweaving between tathagatagarbha and vijnaptimatra; Mahayanasraddhotpada
Abstract法藏,元曉和見登在其解釋《大乘起信論》的相關釋論中,逐步吸收了唯識學的理論來加強生滅門的說明,這是站在如來藏說的立場來收攝唯識學,闡釋了「一心開二門」的思想架構,從而充實了如來藏說的理論內涵,發揮了中國佛教的心性論的真如隨緣的課題,本文對此思想進程加以探討. 在吉津宜英的起信論研究所提示的理論背景中,筆者本文的宗旨有三:(1)本文闡釋法藏與元曉對《大乘起信論》之真心論與唯識論的會通的討論之同異. (2)本文闡釋見登對此論題的後續討論. 見登繼續在種種具體問題之上,發揮了元曉對玄奘所傳的唯識學與《大乘起信論》的真心論的立場的合會,本論文對見登所延續的討論加以論述. (3)本文在上述如來藏說與唯識思想的交涉的思想史的反省中,本文進一步回到如來藏說的發展史中,闡釋《大乘起信論》的一心開二門是一種對兩種如來藏三義思想模型的融合,而有其如來藏說的思想史上的特殊意義.

In the perspective of the topic of the interweaving between tathagatagarbha and vijnaptimatra, this paper tackles Fa-Tzang's commentary on the theory of "one heart,two doors" in Mahayanasraddhotpada. Tathagatagarbhavada exposes the ontological structure of the absolute mind. Vijnaptimatravada exposes the theory of the appearing of relative world. How can be synchronized these two trends? The theory of "one mind,two doors" in Mahayanasraddhotpada includes one understanding about the involving of the theory of the appearing of relative world into tathagatagarbhavada's exposition of the ontological structure of the absolute mind. But this "involving" includes many theoretical difficulties, therefore Fa-Tzang's, Yuan-hsiao's and Jiann-deng's commentaries on Mahayanasraddhotpada try to solve these difficulties. This paper firstly tackles the above theme in the Fa-Tzang's commentary on the theory of "one heart,two doors" in Mahayanasraddhotpada and after then illuminates the continuously exposition in Yuan-hsiao's and Jiann-deng's synthesis of the theory of absolute mind in Mahayanasraddhotpada and Hsuang-tsang's new teaching of vijnaptimatravada.
Table of contents一. 法藏《大乘起信論義記》的相關文獻問題及「如來藏緣起宗」的課題的提出
(一) 法藏的《大乘起信論義記》及元曉和見登的相關釋論
(二) 法藏的《大乘起信論義記》所見當時印度之佛教與「如來藏緣起宗」的判教思想提出
(一) 法藏,元曉關於《大乘起信論》的「不生不滅與生滅和合,非一非異,名為阿黎耶識」之討論
(二) 關於阿黎耶及阿賴耶的名義異同
三. 法藏,元曉與見登之「收攝唯識說到如來藏緣起宗」在「一心開二門」的思想架構中的生滅門的闡釋中的討論
(一) 法藏與元曉的如來藏緣起宗收攝唯識思想的思想脈動
(二) 從法藏,元曉到見登關於「收攝唯識說到起信論的如來藏說」之說明
四. 如來藏三義之如來藏說的兩種基本思想模型與《大乘起信論》的一心開二門在如來藏說思想史中的特殊意義
(一) 早期如來藏說的如來藏三義的基本模式
五. 結論
ISSN10177132 (P)
Created date2001.10.19
Modified date2017.06.20

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