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Collected Papers on Buddhist Studies
Author Jaini, Padmanabh S.
PublisherMotilal Banarsidass Publishers
LocationDelhi, India [德里, 印度]
Content type書籍=Book
Note-Edition:1st ed. Foreword by Paul Dundas.
Table of contents
I. Introduction to Buddhist faith
1. States of happiness in Buddhist heterodoxy (1999)
II. Buddhist studies
2. Buddhist studies in recent times:some eminent Buddhist scholars in India and Europe (1956)
III. Buddhism and Jainism
3. Sramanas:their conflict with Brahmanical society (1970)
4. On the Sarvajnatva (Omniscience) of Mahavira and the Buddha (1974)
5. The Jina as a Tathagata:Amrtacandra's critique of Buddhist doctrine (1976)
6. Samskara-Duhkhata and the Jaina concept of suffering (1977)
7. The disappearance of Buddhism and the survival of Jainism in India:a study in contrast (1980)
8. Values in comparative perspective:Svadharma versus Ahimsa (1987)
9. On the ignorance of the Arhat (1992)
IV. Abhidharma literature
10. On the theory of two Vasubandhus (1958)
11. Buddha's prolongation of life (1958)
12. The Vaibhasika theory of words and meanings (1959)
13. The Sautrantika theory of Bija (1959)
14. The origin and development of the Viprayukta-samskaras (1959)
15. Abhidharmadipa (1961)
16. Prajna and Drsti in the Vaibhasika Abhidharma (1977)
17. Smrti in the Abhidharma literature and the development of Buddhist accounts of memory of the past (1992)
V. Jataka and Avadana literature
18. The story of Sudhana and Manohara:an analysis of texts and the Borobudur reliefs (1966)
19. On the Buddha image (1979)
20. Some niti verses of the Lokaneyya-pakarana (1984)
21. Political and cultural data in references to Mathura in the Buddhist literature (1988)
22. Padipadanajataka:Gautama's last female incarnation (1989)
23. The apocryphal jatakas of Southeast Asian Buddhism (1990)
VI. Mahayana
24. The Aloka of Haribhadra and the Saratama of Ratnakarasanti:a comparative study of the two commentaries of the Astasahasrika (1972)
25. The Sanskrit fragments in Vinitadeva's Trimsika-tika (1985)
26. Stages in the Bodhisattva career of the Tathagata Maitreya (1988)
VII. Ritual texts
27. Mahadibbamanta:a Paritta manuscript from Cambodia (1965)
28. (Introduction to) Vasudhara-Dharani:a Buddhist work in use among the Jainas of Gujarat (1968)
29. (Introduction to and translation of) Akaravattarasutta:an 'Apocryphal' Sutta from Thailand (1992)
ISBN086171301X (hc); 0861713788 (pbk)
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Created date2002.01.10

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