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漢文佛典電子化 -- CBETA [Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association] 2001年採用的技術, 標準暨解決方案=The Digitization of Chinese Buddhist Text--the Technologies and Standards Applied and the Problems Solved by CBETA [Chinese Buddhist Electronic Tex
Author 杜正民 (著)=Tu, Aming (au.)
Source 第四屆中華國際佛學會議 -- 「佛教與廿一世紀」=The Fourth Chung Hwa International Conference on Buddhism: The Role of Buddhism in the 21st Century
Publisher中華佛學研究所=The Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies
Location臺北縣, 臺灣 [Taipei hsien, Taiwan]
Content type會議論文=Proceeding Article
Note第四屆中華國際佛學會議 -- 「佛教與廿一世紀」, 法鼓山中華佛學研究所主辦, 2002年1月18-20日, 中央研究院學術活動中心. The Fourth Chung Hwa International Conference on Buddhism:The Role of Buddhism in the 21st Century, Organized by Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, DDMBA; January 18-20, 2002, Auditorium of Acemic Activity Center, Acemia Sinica.
Keyword佛教與廿一世紀Buddhism in 21st Century; Zokuzokyo; 電子佛典; 大正藏; 卍續藏; 電腦缺字; Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association; Text Encoding Initiative; XML; Buddhist Electronic Text; Taisho Tripitaka; Rare Characters; Gaiji
Abstract中華電子佛典協會 (CBETA),自1998年2月15日成立以來,蒙「北美印順導師基金會」,「中華佛學研究所」及各界的全力支持贊助,同仁們的同心協力突破種種困難,於該年底完成《大正藏》第五冊至第十冊的電子化作業,1999年完成第一至三十二冊印度撰述部,2000年底則完成第一至五十五冊暨第八十五冊大部分作業.

於2001年4月29日 (國定佛誕節前) 假慧日講堂二樓大殿舉辦「測試搶鮮版」成果發表會. 於同年七月發行「測試版」,以獲取使用者的意見與回饋,以便於12月底完成「正式版」光碟母片,並擬二○○二年起大量提供各界使用.

CBETA 於短短三年的時間完成《大正藏》近億字的輸入校對與正確率高的文本等電子化作業,獲得國內外頗多的讚賞! 然而,於工作進行中所遇到的電腦缺字,標記作業及國際標準如 TEI,XML 的採用及文件編輯格式的確定等,卻鮮為人知,因此擬借本文介紹 CBETA 2001年各項技術與標準的作業內容及困難解決方案等.

前一階段作業的完成,意味著另一里程的開始. 因此,除前述的介紹外,並將以 CBETA 今後擬進行的作業作為結語,以 CBETA 未來的發展與展望作一報告.

The "Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association" (CBETA) was formally established on February 15,1998 with support from the Yinshun Foundation of North America and the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies to create,maintain and distribute free of charge an electronic version of the Chinese Buddhist Tripitaka.

By the end of 1998,CBETA had finished proofreading and digitizing of Taisho volumes 5-10. And by the end of 1999,CBETA had proofread and marked up the first 32 volumes of the Taisho Tripitaka, thus making available all scriptures translated from Indic languages in the canon. In 2000,CBETA completed the proofreading of the final 24 volumes (33 -- 55 and 85) of the Taisho,and continued to work on the mark up and rare characters of this version. The finalized version of CBETA Tripitaka series was made available at the end of 2001 and will be made public from the beginning of 2002.

The hundred million words of the Taisho Tripitaka have been digitized in only three years. This progress has already won commendations from many organizations and scholars at home and abroad,and "The CBETA Chinese Electronic Buddhist Tripitaka Series" has earned widespread acclaim. However,the problems encountered during the digitization work,such as rare Chinese characters (Gaiji),that not available in any font,the mark up process and the adoption of TEI/XML etc. have so far not been widely recognized.

Therefore,this article attempts not only a summary of CBETA's progress in 2001,but also will focus on the technologies and standards applied by CBETA and the problems encountered and how they are solved.

The paper concludes with our plans for the future of the CBETA input project.
Table of contents前言:簡述 CBETA 的成立與成果
CBETA 所發展的技術與採用的標準
CBETA 作業流程與各組功能簡介
1. 輸入組
2. 校對組
3. 研發組
4. 研發組:標記作業
5. 研發組:缺字作業
6. 結語:未來發展
1. 發行與推廣普及版
2. 完成校勘版電子文獻
3. 繼續進行新式標點測試版
4. 正式進行《卍續藏》電子化作業
5. 標準化與開放的空間
6. 與國際其他佛學資料庫整合
7. CEBTA 電子版藏經英譯版本電子化作業

Created date2002.02.13
Modified date2016.08.18

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