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A Pending Task for New Century--The Pioneer Works by Tai-xu太虛大師:Han-Tibetan Interchange of Buddhist Studies(漢藏佛學交流)=新世紀末竟之任務--太虛大師的先鋒工作與漢藏佛學研究上的交流
Author 小野田俊蔵 (著)=Onoda, Shunzo (au.)
Source The Fourth Chung Hwa International Conference on Buddhism: The Role of Buddhism in the 21st Century=第四屆中華國際佛學會議 -- 「佛教與廿一世紀」
Publisher中華佛學研究所=The Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies
Location臺北縣, 臺灣 [Taipei hsien, Taiwan]
Content type會議論文=Proceeding Article
NoteThe Fourth Chung Hwa International Conference on Buddhism:The Role of Buddhism in the 21st Century, Organized by Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, DDMBA; January 18-20, 2002, Auditorium of Acemic Activity Center, Acemia Sinica. 第四屆中華國際佛學會議 -- 「佛教與廿一世紀」, 法鼓山中華佛學研究所主辦, 2002年1月18-20日, 中央研究院學術活動中心.
KeywordBuddhism in 21st Century; 佛教與廿一世紀
AbstractProbably,it is not too exaggerated when we say that the Tibetan Buddhist Studies in China was originated by or under the influences of Ven. Tai-xu 太虛大師. Many disciples of Tai-xu went [to] Tibet and studied Buddhism belonging to so called Tibetan Monastic Universities. We can recall those names of such disciples:法尊,觀空,大剛,永燈,滿度,隆果,碧松,盛聽,善化,積禪 and others. Most of them studied in Se-ra monastery or in 'Bras-spung monastery. For example 法尊,who was one of the main disciples of Tai-xu,stayed in Blo-gsal-gling college of 'Bras-spung monastery near Lhasa, and it is said he even got a title of dGe-bshes or Doctoral degree from the authorities of the 'Bras-spung monastery. In this paper,I would like to survey on some of those pilot movements been done at the beginning of the last century,and also I would like to try to touch some of those topics which they leave as a pending task for this new century.

被尊為現代中國佛學之祖的太虛大師 (1889-1946) 是,全面學習了西藏佛教的學問體系,併首先嘗試著將其引入中國佛學院的學習課程中的人物. 本隨筆是圍繞著太虛大師所設立的 "漢藏教理院",通過綜觀在那兒活躍後,取得了許多成果的漢族人藏研究僧侶們的活動,對二十世紀初葉在此模索探求途中迷失了方向的漢藏佛學交流進行了若干粗淺思考而提出的.

現在,世界西藏學中,或許是由於以人權問題為中心的反漢感情的影響,對于漢族人的成果 (例如法尊的業績等等) 有著不切當低評價的傾向,這不得不說是非常遺憾的事情. 但相反的,近代佛教學中,藏譯佛經輿西藏佛教教理的研究當然是不可缺少的,但在受到太虛大師影響的法尊和觀空等一代人後,很難說漢族人的西藏佛教研究成果是步於學界先端. 本次發表將試著回顧上個世紀初的漢藏佛學交流,併擬談及作為邁向新世紀之課題的這殘留問題.
Created date2002.02.15
Modified date2016.08.18

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