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淨影寺慧遠的行持, 著述及其顯實宗=Jing-ying Huiyuan's Life, Works and His Xian-shi School
Author 馮煥珍 (著)=Feng, Huan-zhen (au.)
Source 中華佛學學報=Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal=Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies
Pages177 - 218
Publisher中華佛學研究所=Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies
Publisher Url
Location新北市, 臺灣 [New Taipei City, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Language中文=Chinese; 英文=English
Keyword淨影寺慧遠; 清化寺時代; 護法菩薩; 地論學; 攝論學; 地持論義記; 十地經論; 顯實宗; Jing-ying Huiyuan; The Period at Qinghua Monastery; Bodhisattva Defending Buddhism; Di-lun School; She-lun School; The Commentary on Bodhisattva-bhuumi; The Commentary on Da`sa-bhuumika-suutra-`saastra; The Commentary on Mahaayaana-`sraddhotpaada; Xian-shi School
Abstract本文是對「隋代三師」之一淨影寺慧遠之行持,著述及其佛學性格的研究. 行持部分,本文分生平,戒行,學業,法裔四個方面加以論究,在前人研究的基礎上實現了以下推論:一. 佐藤哲英先生認為慧遠經歷了一個青化寺時代,實際上難以成立; 二. 慧遠挺身護法不僅是個歷史事件,更重要是個宗教事件,它充分展示了大乘菩薩道之踐行者捨身護法,度生的慈悲精神; 三. 慧遠並非從曇遷初聞攝論學,事實上他在從曇遷聽《攝論》前,已從其弟子辯相處得悉此學了. 著述部分,本文最重要的成果是考定敦煌文獻 P. 2141 號寫本殘卷為慧遠《地持論義記》已佚失的一部分; 其次,從佛教中的「夏」這概念切入,更具體地推定了慧遠初次說法,註疏《十地經論》的時間; 第三. 更加細密地論證了《大乘起信論義疏》的真實性. 思想部分,本文指出慧遠所立顯實宗乃是今日能確知的中土第一個完整的如來藏緣起系統,它對智顗,吉藏,元曉,智儼,法藏等重要佛學家都有相當大的影響.

This article is the research about the life,works and Xian-shi School of Jing-ying Huiyuan,one of the three masters in Sui Dynasty. In the first part,his life,practice in Buddhism,studies and the school he belonged to are discussed. Based on the previous researches, further studies have been done in the following aspects. First,I don't agree that Jing-ying Huiyuan once experienced the period at Qinghua Monastery as Mr. Satoo Tetsuee said. Second,that Jing-ying Huiyuan stood up and defended Buddhism is not only a historical event,but also a religious event. It fully shows Buddhist compassion of one who practices the Bodhisattva-caryaa. Third,Jing-ying Huiyuan did not first learn Mahaayaana-sa.mgraha from Tanqian,in fact before Tanqian attended his preach he had learnt it from his disciple Bianxiang.

In the second part of introducing his writings, the most important point in this article is that,after having made a textual research, I have found that the scrolls of P. 2141 in Dunhuang literature is part of the lost section of Jing-ying Huiyuan's Commentary on Bodhisattva-bhuumi. Furthermore,focusing on the concept of "Xia" the summer,I've inferred the time when Jing-ying Huiyuan first made his preach and the Commentary on Da`sa-bhuumika-suutra-`saastra.

Finally,I've demonstrated the authenticity of the Commentary on Mahaayaana-`sraddhotpaada. In the last part on his thought,I've pointed out that Jing-ying Huiyuan's thought was undoubtedly the first complete system of Xian-shi School in China, it had much influence over the Buddhists such as Zhiyi,Jizang,Yuanxiao,Zhiyan and Fazang.

Table of contents一. 淨影寺慧遠的行持
(一) 生平
(二) 淨影寺慧遠之戒行
(三) 淨影寺慧遠之學業
(四) 淨影寺慧遠之法裔
二. 淨影寺慧遠的著作
(一) 淨影寺慧遠著作統觀
(二) 淨影寺慧遠著作之撰著時間
(三) 淨影寺慧遠著作之真偽問題
三. 淨影寺慧遠的顯實宗及其影響
(一) 淨影寺慧遠的顯實宗
(二) 淨影寺慧遠在中國佛學中的地位與影響
ISSN10177132 (P)
Created date2002.09.03
Modified date2017.06.20

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