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趙州公案語言的主位推移與問答結構分析=The Systemic-Functional Grammar Analysis of the Speaking Records of Zen Master Chao-chou
Author 歐陽宜璋 =Ou-yang, Yi-jang
Source 圓光佛學學報=Yuan Kuang Journal of Buddhist Studies
Pages213 - 245
Publisher圓光佛學研究所=Yuan Kuang Buddhist College
Publisher Url
Location桃園縣, 臺灣 [Taoyuean hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Note作者為政大中文研究所博士, 北一女中教師
Keyword趙州=Chao-chou; 公案=koan; 系統功能語法=Systemic-Functional Grammar; 語篇功能=textual function; 主位結構=thematic structure; 會話結構=the structure of conversation
Abstract本文以唐末五代趙州禪師(A.D.778-897) 的語錄記載為分析素材,從語篇功能的角度,觀測其教學對話中,主位結構之推移現象. 論文的研究方法,則先透過各則對話的主述位分布集問答類型,掌握該次教學的利益及主脈絡; 再由句子推展至整體對話的語篇,觀察主位推移及問答結構在語篇中的銜接現象; 嘗試從語篇功能的分析視角著眼,比較趙州接引學人的溝通模式及家風. 希望經由形式結構的系統化分析,體現其會話現場的真實感; 並建構古代白話典籍中,動態語言研究的重要據點. 在趙州公案語言的主位推移與問答結構分析中,其研究方法以系統功能語法的分析為主,就趙州語錄作共時性(Synchrony,著重同一時期語言現象內各成分間關係的研究) 的語言分析:包括語篇(text/ discourse,指話語和篇章結構) 中的主述位推移,問答結構,銜接方式與修辭策略等語言現象. 除呈現了形式上語篇結構的銜接關係,也藉重要公案的比較與詮釋,一探禪宗公案中答非所問的用心與遊戲三昧的機智; 嘗試在禪問答的溝通模式中,開啟另一重對話與參照的契機.

This essay is based on the speaking records of zen master Chao-chou (趙州) T'sung-shen (從諗) (A.D.778-897,during the end ofT'ang and the five dynasty 唐末五代). The process of analysis is from the aspect of textual function to research the Thematic structures changes of Chao-chou koan during the teaching conversation. First of all,it analyzes every conversation of Chao-chou koan (趙州公案) to hold the rules of the thematic structures and conversation,so as to understand the major purpose of that teaching-conversation. Second,we extend the research of sentences to the whole dialogue,analyze the cohesion of the thematic structures and conversation. The final purpose is try to realize the teaching-stylistics of Chao-chou from the text analysis. Hope we could represent the conversation reality through systemic analysis of formal structures. And so as to rebuild the important point of view on speaking records in ancient China.
During the analysis of the Thematic movement and conversation,the researching method is based on Systemic-Functional Grammar,analyzing the linguistics phenomenon of the THEMATIC structure,conversation structure,and cohesion styles, the rhetorical figure during the Syncrony ( including text/ discourse) . We also try to understand the real purposes of the special way on every koan teaching as well as to present the formal relationships of texture structure. Hope it could cultivate a new field of zen conversation.
ISSN16086848 (P)
Created date2003.07.31
Modified date2017.07.25

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