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當代台灣如來藏思想的諍議與回應 -- 印順之後的如來藏學諍議之評議=Controversies and Responses regarding Tathagatagarbha Thought in Contemporary Taiwan:A Critical Evaluation of Controversies regarding Tathagatagarbha Studies after Yinshun
Author 賴賢宗 (著)=Lai, Shen-chon (au.)
Source 中華佛學學報=Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal=Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies
Pages289 - 323
Publisher中華佛學研究所=Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies
Publisher Url
Location新北市, 臺灣 [New Taipei City, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Language中文=Chinese; 英文=English
Note國立台北大學中國語文學系助理教授= Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chinese Language & Literature, National Taipei University
Keyword如來藏思想=tathagatagarbha thoght; 印順=Buddhist hermenutics; 佛教詮釋學=Yinshun; 天臺佛教=Tiantai Buddhism
Abstract本文討論當代台灣如來藏思想的諍議與其回應,台灣如來藏思想的諍議是由印順的判教講起,而所謂的回應則討論了現有的幾種與如來藏思想相關的台灣的佛學研究進路. 本文分三節. 在第一節中,我闡釋佛教詮釋衝突的基本意涵,討論此中的如來藏說之諍議與其詮釋衝突之解決方式. 首先,本文討論印順法師的如來藏研究與當今佛教的詮釋衝突之解決的相關課題. 其次,借用海德格(Martin Heidegger)與嘉達瑪(Hans-Georg Gadamer)的哲學詮釋學,來討論哲學詮釋衝突的基本內涵與此中的詮釋衝突的解決方式; 並討論了天臺佛教的佛性論的判教理論與佛教詮釋學對詮釋衝突的解決. 本文也由林鎮國的《空性與現代性》所提出的佛教詮釋學,來重檢如來藏批判的課題. 在第二節中,本文繼續討論了林鎮國《辯證的行旅》的解構思想與兩種詮釋學進路的視點下的如來藏思想批判. 首先,本文從林鎮國《辯證的行旅》一書所繼續討論的佛教詮釋學的當代結構,來論述佛教詮釋學的當代新儒家哲學的佛學詮釋之批判,及解構思想與佛教的本體詮釋學的當代哲學的意義脈絡. 討論了上述的佛教詮釋學的研究進路後,繼而,討論印順後的另一端,檢視了蔡耀明的[內部建構]的佛學研究法. 在本文第三節中,則闡明了佛教之本體詮釋學的基本議題,由此概述關於當代如來藏諍議之回應,及邁向當代如來藏學與佛教詮釋學的理論建構的我自己的進路.
This article deals with the debates regarding tathagatagarbha thought in Taiwan's recent history. Debates regarding Tathagatagarbha thought in Taiwan stem from Yinshun's discussion of doctrinal classification. Responses to it discuss several different pre-existing approaches in Buddhist research relating to tathagatagarbha thought. The current article is in three parts. In the first part,I explain the essential implications of the Buddhist conflict of interpretations. In this I discuss the debate about tathagatagarbha thought and the way it resovles the conflict of interpretations. Most importantly,this section discusses Ven. Yinshun's research in tathagatagarbha thought and issues relating to the resolution of the conflict of interpretations. Next,this paper uses the philosophical hermeneutics of Heidegger and Gadamer to discuss the basic implications of philosophical hermeneutics and to resolve the previously mentioned conflict of interpretation. Moreover,this paper also discusses the doctrinal classification regarding the concept of Buddha-nature in Tiantai Buddhism and the manner in which Buddhist hermeneutics resolves conflicts of interpretation. This paper also reexamines tathagatagarbha thought by using the Buddhist hermeneutics in Lin Zhengguo's Kongxing yu xiandai xing 空性與現代性 (Emptiness and modernity). In part two,of this paper continues to discuss tathagatagarbha thought by using deconstructionism and two approaches of hermeneuties in Lin Zhengguo's work,Bianzhgguo de xinglu 辯證的行旅 (Dialectical process). First,by using Lin Zhengguo's Bianzhgguo de xinglu to continue discussing the modern structure of Neo-Confucian philosophy against Buddhist hermeneutics, and the modern philosophical developments of deconstructionism and Buddhist ontological hermeneutics, this paper continues by discussing the next stage after Yinshun,and examing the Buddhist approach of Cai Yaoming’s Neibu jiangou 內部結構 (Inner structure).
Part three explains the basic issues of contemporary controversies surrounding tathagatagarbha thought,and moving toward a contstruction of my own approach regarding the theories of modern tathagatagarbha thought and of Buddhist hermenuctics.
ISSN10177132 (P)
Created date2003.09.08
Modified date2017.06.20

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