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《八大人覺經》之翻譯與流傳問題 -- 以佛教目錄記載及義理特色為線索=Problems about the Translation and Transmission os The Eight Great Man's Enlightenments Sutra based on the Scriptural Records and Doctrinal Characteristics
Author 黃國清 =Huang Kuo-ch'ing ; 釋性圓 =Shih, Hsing-yuan
Source 圓光佛學學報=Yuan Kuang Journal of Buddhist Studies
Pages97 - 110
Publisher圓光佛學研究所=Yuan Kuang Buddhist College
Publisher Url
Location桃園縣, 臺灣 [Taoyuean hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword八大人覺經; 八大人覺; 八大人念; 經錄; 失譯; 安世高
Abstract《八大人覺經》最早著錄於隋. 法經《眾經目錄》的小乘「失譯經」類,亦即譯者不詳. 後於隋. 彥棕等撰《眾經目錄》時,經文已佚失,列於「闕本」下. 唐代靜泰《一切經論目》指此經已訪得闕本,於貞觀九年重正目,且靜泰將其改列大乘經. 到了唐. 明佺《大周刊定眾經目錄》首次記載本經譯主為安世高,並指出係根據《寶唱錄》,後代經錄多依此說. 本不知譯者為何人,後代經錄卻說是安世高所譯,並不可信. 經文先已佚失,一段時間後又訪得,加上本來歸入小乘經,後卻歸入大乘經,訪得的經文應非原來的內容. 考察漢譯印度經論及漢地祖師撰述中的「八大人覺」或「八大人念」,內容基本上一致,為初期佛教的教義,只有《八大人覺經》有較不同的義理內容,包含明顯的大乘思想,推測此經系漢地祖師參考相關經論內容後所編輯者.

The Eight Great Man's Enlightenment Sutra [八大人覺經] first appeared in The Catalogue of All Sutra [眾經目錄] compiled by Fa-ching in the Sui Dynasty [隋朝] as a Hinayana sutra whose translator was unknown. Then in another catalogue compiled by Yen-tsung it was listed as a sutra whose text had been lost. The Catalogue of All Sutras and Sastras [一切經目錄] compiled by Ching-t'ai in the Tang Dynasty stated that the lost text had been found,and classified it as a Mahayana sutra. A second Tand Dynasty catalogue by Ming-ch-uan recorded the translator of the sutra as An-shi-kao and stated that this was based on The Bao-ch'ang Catalogue [寶唱錄]. From then on this final version has been accepted as true. But inconsistency in the various catalogues about the nature and the translator of the sutra suggests that the recovered sutra may not have been the original text. The "eight great man's enlightenments" or "eight great man's thoughts" found in the Chinese translations of Indian works or in the writings of ancient Chinese masters are basically the same and contain the tenets of early Buddhism. But The Eight Great Man's Enlightenments Sutra [八大人覺經] as we have now clearly contains Mahayana ideas. So it is possible that the sutra was a work of Chinese masters who collected the ideas form related sutras and sastras.
ISSN16086848 (P)
Created date2003.09.26
Modified date2017.07.24

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