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Miyamoto Musashi: His Life and Writings
Author Chodzin, Sherab (譯) ; Tokitsu, Kenji (著)
PublisherShambhala Publications
Publisher Url
LocationIthaca, NY, US [伊薩卡, 紐約州, 美國]
Content type書籍=Book
Keyword官本武藏=Miyamoto Musashi (1584~1645); 佛教人物=Buddhist; 日本佛教=Japanese Buddhism
AbstractUndefeated swordsman, master of battlefield strategy, martial arts icon—Miyamoto Musashi, who lived in Japan in the 1600s, is the most famous samurai of all time. His masterwork, the Book of Five Rings (Gorin no sho) , is one of the most insightful texts on the subtle arts of confrontation and victory to emerge from Asian culture.

Over the centuries, Musashi's reputation has grown to mythic proportions, but, in fact, much about Musashi and his life remains a mystery. Here, Kenji Tokitsu, a modern martial arts master and scholar, turns a critical eye on Musashi's life and writings, separating fact from fiction, and providing a view of the man and his ideas that is accessible and relevant to today's readers and martial arts students.

Tokitsu provides a vivid and meticulously researched biography and a fresh translation of the Book of Five Rings , along with four other texts on strategy, all with extensive commentary. He is a thoughtful and informed guide, putting the historical and philosophical aspects of the text into context.
Table of contents1. Childhood and training
The birth of Musashi
Musashi's childhood and his first duel
The founding of the school of two swords
The two sources of Musashi's art
The school of two swords
2. Musashi's duels
Duels and wars
Studying the arts of other schools through duels
The duel against Sasaki Kojiro
Musashi at the battle of Osaka
3. Deepening the way
Musashi's last years
Composition of the Gorin no sho and Musashi's death
4. Writings on the five elements (Gorin no sho)
The scroll of earth
The scroll of water
The scroll of fire
The scroll of wind
The scroll of heaven
5. The texts preceding the Gorin no sho
The mirror of the way of strategy (Hyodokyo)
Thirty-five instructions on strategy
Forty-two instructions on strategy
The way to be followed alone (Dokkodo)
6. Notes of Musashi's disciples on the practice of his school
7. The school of musashi (Hyoho niten ichiryu)
The branches of the Hyoho niten ichiryu
The Hyoho niten ichiryu today
8. The transmission of Musashi's art
The role of Musashi's writings in the transmission of his art
The transmission of Musashi's art through practice
9. Musashi today : the practice of a contemporary adept
The labyrinth created by the way of holding the sword
The Nenryu school and its lineage
10. Weapons and ethics in swordsmanship training
The status of warriors
Technique and the status of the body
Integration of the religious element into the art of the sword
The formation of katas
11. Budo
The Meiji turning point and the modern notion of budo
The evolution of budo in the twentieth century
12. The relationship between adversaries
The complexity of combat in budo
The significance of the quest for kizeme
Confrontation and harmony
13. One life, one art
ISBN1590300459 (hc)
Created date2004.03.26
Modified date2023.11.14

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