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Buddhism in Global Perspective
Author Ogawa, Ichijo ; Panth, Ravindra ; Sankarnarayan, Kalpakam
LocationNew Delhi, India [新德里, 印度]
Content type書籍=Book
Note2 volumes
KeywordKarma=Kamma; 上師=Guru; 尸羅=戒=command=Precept=sila=morality=rule=discipline=prohibition; 中國佛教=Chinese Buddhism; 中觀學派=龍樹學=中觀佛教=Madhyamaka=Madhyamika; 心靈=Spiritual; 比丘=Buddhist Monk=Bhiksu=Bhikkhu; 尼陀那=因緣=Nidana; 布施=宗教捐獻=寺廟募款=Dana=Donation; 本生經=Jataka; 西藏佛教=藏傳佛教=Tibetan Buddhism; 佛陀=Gautama Buddha; 佛教人物=Buddhist; 佛教文學=Buddhist Literature; 佛教經典=Buddhist Scriptures=Sutra; 佛教藝術=Buddhist Art; 佛學研究=佛教學=Buddhist Studies=Buddhology; 波羅蜜多=paramita; 空性=Sunyata=Sunnata=Emptiness; 初期佛教=早期佛教=根本佛教=原始佛教=Primitive Buddhism=Early Buddhism; 長行=契經=修多羅=Sutra; 阿波陀那=譬喻=Avadana; 度母=Tara; 美國佛教=American Buddhism; 修行方法=修行法門=Practice; 喇嘛=Lama; 無著=Asanga; 菩薩=Bodhisattva; 慈悲心=Compassion=Metta=Loving Kindness=Maitri; 漢傳佛教=大乘佛教=北傳佛教=Mahayana Buddhism; 靜坐=Meditation; 闍陀迦=本生=Jataka; 禪修=Meditation
AbstractThe present volume - I, contains thirty papers divided into three sections. Casting a glance at the contents sixteen paper are about early Buddhism, six on South-East Asian Buddhism and eight on Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhism. However two papers which could not be presented at the time of the seminar are also included in this publication.
Volume - II, consists of papers from scholars specialised in Mahayana Buddhism, Buddhist Art and architecture, Buddhist literature, and East Asian Buddhism.

Table of contentsVol. I
I. Early/Theravada/Pali Buddhism:
1. A subtlety in the Buddhist theory of the self and some elaborations/N.G. Kulkarni.
2. Process of knowing/H.S. Shukla.
3. The Vibhajjavada doctrine/M.G. Dadhphale.
4. Harmony in global perspective and Vinaya disciplines/Anandamayee Ghosh.
5. The concepts of spirits in early Buddhist tradition/O.P. Pathak.
6. Philosophy of relation in Abhidharma tradition/Bimalendra Kumar.
7. S.N. Goenka's approaches to Buddhism/Pradeep P. Gokhale.
8. The Buddhistic foundation of universal culture and social ethics/H.S. Prasad.
9. An in-depth analysis of early Buddha-Dhamma/Angrraj Chaudhary.
10. Tradition and innovation in Dr. Ambedkar's approach to Buddhism/Dharmachari Lokamitra.
11. Buddhist conception of Brahma-Viharas - A direction to emancipation as a corrected new version/Mangala Chinchore.
12. Women under the yellow robe/Shobha Rani Dash.
13. Relevance of Dhammapada in the modern context/Sharmila Virkar.
14. On Sunnata in Pali Buddhism/Prabhakar Mishra.
15. Early Buddhism and Bhagavata: a value based approach/Shubhada A. Joshi.
16. Gautama Buddha as the earliest democrat/Radha Kumar.
II. South-East Asian Buddhism:
17. The royal ploughing ceremony of Thailand/Rajaguru Vamadevamuni.
18. Religion in the making of a nation - an experience from the past for the guidance of the future/Bhikkhu Dhammavihari.
19. The Buddhist doctrine of Karma as a theory of justice/Asanga Tilakaratne.
20. The Buddhas visit to Thailand according to the Uravganidana/Chirapat Prapandvidya.
21. Buddhist in Myanmar today/Friedgard Lottermoser.
22. Buddhist studies in the context of university education/G.D. Suman Pal.
III. Tibetan/Nepalese Buddhism:
23. The importance of Viryasimha's Jatakamalapanjika - a commentary on Aryasura's Campukavya Jatakamala/Ratna Basu.
24. Tibetan Buddhism - In global perspective/Buddhadev Bhattacharya Shastri.
25. On the second Parajika in the Vinayasutravrtti/Nakagawa Masanori.
26. A Nepalese Buddhist ritual: Gatham-muga/Shinobu Yamaguchi.
27. A brief analysis of language and social values as reflected in the Supriya-Sarthavaha-Jataka contained in Bhadrakalpavadana/Soma Basu.
28. Remarks on Aksayamati (Blo Gras Mi Zad Pa), being the author of the earlier version of the Bodhisattvacaryavatara/Akira Saito.
29. Significance of Lumbini - impact of Buddhism on Nepal/Anita Rane Kothare.
30. Karma Kagyu : American Buddhism in compassion/Indira Y. Junghare.

Vol. II:
I. Mahayana Buddhism:
1. Magic and magical practices in early Mahayana Buddhism/M.C. Joshi.
2. Paramitas for human perfection/S.N. Kandaswamy.
3. A note on the Mulamadhyamakakarika/Musashi Tachikawa.
4. The connection between ultimate truth and analysis in Bhaviveka's theory of two truths/Mayumi Nasu.
5. Buddhism: relevance for social uplift, spiritual progress and peace/N.H. Samtani.
6. Contribution of Buddhism to social harmony and social cohesion with special reference to Afghanistan/J. Sitaramamma.
7. Meditation as conceived in Buddhism/Mrunal V. Bhatt.
II. East Asian Buddhism:
8. Tantric ways of life in human worlds/S.K. Pathak.
9. An investigation in to the spirit of Fang-bian (skillful means) in Chinese Buddhism/R.K. Rana.
10. Chinese Buddhism unbound/Marcus Bingenheimer.
11. Hall for the sixteen contemplations/Daniel B. Stevenson.
12. The revival and transformation of monastic discipline/Paul Groner.
13. The identification of hells in the Tetsujonairikyo : the Sutra on the hell of the iron fortress/Ineke Van Put.
14. From Gandhara to Nara - nine centuries of Abhidharma/Charles Willmen.
15. Contribution of Xuanzang to the Abhidharma studies in China/Lalji Shravak.
16. The spirit of Zen and its relevance in modern times/Nilesh Dalal.
17. Pure land : the Indian and the Sino-Japanese/Noritoshi Aramaki.
III. Buddhist Art and Architecture:
18. The Theria
Created date2004.08.27
Modified date2014.04.23

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