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玄奘譯經和敦煌壁畫=Xuanzhuang’s Translation Activities And The Dunhuang Murals
Author 樊錦詩
Source 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research
Volumen.2 (總號=n.84)
Pages1 - 12
Publisher Url
Location蘭州, 中國 [Lanzhou, China]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword玄奘=Xuanzang=Hiuen Tsiang; 譯經=The Translation of Sutra; 敦煌佛教=Dunhuang Buddhism
Abstract本文據唐玄奘的譯經 ,詳細論述了敦煌石窟壁畫中依據玄奘譯經繪制的經變畫 ,特別就各時期藥師琉璃光如來本願功德經變、天請問經變、十一面神咒心經變、不空羂索神咒心經變,十六羅漢像的流行情況作了深入探討。並通過對曇曠、乘恩,說明唯識學派學術思想在敦煌的傳承和影響。並據《大唐西域記》等的記載討論了歸義軍時期敦煌壁畫中的瑞像圖以及西夏時期敦煌石窟壁畫中的“玄奘取經圖”。

Based on the study of the texts of Buddhist scriptures of those that had been translated by Xuanzhuang, this article is trying to discussing in detail the illustrations to Buddhist texts that has been translated by Xuanzhuang especially the texts of Bhesajyaguru-vaidūryaprabhāsa-tathāgata-pūrvapran idhāna-guna-sūtra? Deva-paripricchā-sūtra?Ekadak’samukha-ridclhimantra-hridaya-sūtra? Amoghapārariddhimantra-hridaya-sūtra? Nandimitrāvadāna, and their presentation and the prevailing fashions in different historic periods at the Dunhuang Grottoes. And by the study the life story of Tankuang?Chen’en?Hongbian?Facheng, eminent monks of the Dhamalaksana sect, idealismthat holding the doctrine that nothing exists apart from mind, this article is trying to review the important facts of how did the Dhamalaksana sect had rooted at Dunhuang Buddhist with Xuanzhuang’s academic theorization of Buddhism. Finally, this article has discussed the motif of the 16 Arhats among the Buddhist sacred images? Auspicious image of Sakyamuni, Xuanzhuang’s pilgrimage journey to the Western that frequently painted inside of Dunhuang Grottoes during 9th -11th Century.
ISSN10004106 (P)
Created date2004.11.26
Modified date2018.03.13

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