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The Eighth Situpa on the Third Karmapa's Mahamudra Prayer
Author Lama Sherab Dorje ; Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche
EditionRevised ed.
PublisherSnow Lion Publications
Publisher Url
LocationIthaca, NY, US [伊薩卡, 紐約州, 美國]
Content type書籍=Book
KeywordKarma=Kamma; 大手印=Mahamudra=The Great Seal; 大寶法王=Karmapa; 手印=mudra=finger-prints=seals=signet-rings=mystic positions of the hand; 願文=Prayer

Here in one compact volume are all of the stages of instruction on the path of Mahamudra. Included are concise and complete formal instructions on the ground path and fruition of this penetrating practice. This vast and profound commentary originates with the Eighth Situpa, a remarkable scholar and practitioner who is considered the most accomplished of all the Situ emanations.
Table of contentsForeword 9
Preface 11
Introduction by Ven. Khenchen Trang Rinpoche 15

The Aspiration Prayer of Mahamudra of Definitive Meaning: Root Verses by the Third Gyalwa Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje 21
Teachings of the Supreme Siddhas by the Eighth Tai Situpa, Telspa'i Nyinchay
A. General Dedication of Merit Towards Perfect Enlightenment (VERSE 2) 31
B. Specific Components of the Aspiration Prayer 35
1. Aspiration for an Outstanding Support for the Path 35
a. Common Aspiration for an Outstanding Support for the Path (VERSE 3) 35
b. Uncommon Aspiration for an Outstanding Support for the Path (VERSE 4) 36
2. Aspiration for Prajna That Understands the Path (VERSE 5) 41
a. Praiñā That Arises from Study 42
b. Praiñā That Arises from Reflection 43
c. Praiñā That Arises from Meditation 44
d. A Condensed Version of These Three Aspiration Prayers 46
3. Aspiration for the Path That Is Not Mistaken (VERSE 6) 46
a. The Poles of Existence and Nonexistence 47
b. The Extremes of Embellishment and Discredit 49
c. The Limits of Conditioned Existence and Serenity 50
d. Summary Aspiration for the Path That Neither Errs nor Misleads 51
4. Aspiration for Putting the Path into Practice Correctly 51
a. Concise Discussion of What Must Be Understood (VERSE 7) 51
i. The Ground Where Purification Takes Place 52
ii. The Yoga That Effects Purification 54
iii. The Stains to Be Purified 59
iv. The Result That Is Attained Through Purification 59
b. The Meditation That Is to Be Practiced 60
i. Brief Explanation of the Meditation That Is to Be Practiced (VERSE 8) 60
ii. Extensive Explanation of the Meditation That Is to Be Practiced 61
A'. How to Cut Off Embellishments of the Ground with the View 61
1'. Brief Treatment (VERSE 9) 61
2'. Expanded Treatment 61
a'. Resolving That Perceptible Objects Are Mind (VERSE 10) 62
i'. Explicit Topic 62
aa'. How the Mistaken Duality of Subject and Object Arises 62
bb'. How That Impels Circulation Within Samsara 66
cc'. The Need for Exposing the Hidden Recesses of That Confusion 67
ii'. Implicit Topic 67
b.' Gaining Conviction That Mind Has No Self-Nature 70
i'. Abandoning the Limitation of Existing or Not Existing (VERSE 11) 71
ii'. Abandoning the Limitations of Being or Not Being Something (VERSE 12) 75
c'. How the Unity of Emptiness and Interdependence Is Not Paradoxical (VERSE 13) 77
d'. The Need for Investigation with Discerning Prajña to Sever Embellished Claims About the Ground (VERSE 14) 78
B'. How to Achieve Certitude, Through Meditation, About the Meaning of Severing All Embellished Claims About the Ground 79
1'. Concise Explanation (VERSE 15) 79
a'. How to Begin Meditation 79
b'. How to Rest Steadily 81
i'. The Pertinent Points of Body 81
ii'. The Pertinent Points of Mind 81
c'. How to Sustain That State 82
2'. Expanded Explanation 87
a'. Yogas of Serene Abiding and Higher Insight 87
i'. Serene Abiding (VERSE 16) 88
ii'. Higher Insight 92
aa'. Main Explanation (VERSE 17) 92
bb'. Severing the Root (VERSE 18) 95
iii'. Yoga of Unified Serene Abiding and Higher Insight, with a List of Synonymous Terms 97
aa'. Main Explanation (VERSE 19) 97
bb'. Additional Discussion of How the Two Are Unified 104
b.' How They Give Rise to Experiences and Realization 108
i'. How Experiences Occur (VERSE 20) 109
ii'. How Realization Occurs (VERSE 21) 111
c'. The Practice of Unified Compassion and Emptiness 114
i'. Identifying Compassion (VERSE 22) 115
ii'. How It Is United with Emptiness (VERSE 23) 116
5. Aspiration for the Fruition upon Completing the Path (VERSE24) 120
a. Main Part 120
i. Explanation of Eyes and Paranormal Cognitions 120
ii. Explanation of Fulfillment, Maturation and Cleansing 122
b. Short Tangential Discussion of the Stages of the
ISBN9781559392136 (Paperback); 9781559397704 (Ebook)
Created date2005.03.25
Modified date2023.09.08

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