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アルチャタの「遍充論」 — Hetubinduṭīkā研究(4)pp.17, 21-21, 10 —=Arcaṭa, On Vyāpti —An Annotated Japanese Translation of the Hetubinduṭīkā(4) (pp. 17, 21-21, 10)—
Author 乗山悟 (譯)=Noriyama, Satoru (tr.)
Source インド学チベット学研究=Journal of Indian and Tibetan Studies=インドガク チベットガク ケンキュウ
Pages39 - 54
Publisher Url
Location京都, 日本 [Kyoto, Japan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keywordインド論理学; アルチャタ; ディグナーガ; Hetubinduṭīkā; Vyāpti
AbstractThis is the fourth part of my annotated Japanese translation of the Hetubinduṭīkā (HBT), Arcaṭa’s commentary on the Hetubindu (HB) of Dharmakīrti. It covers line 21 on page 17 to line 10 on page 21 of HBṬ In this portion of HB Dharmakīrti defines vyāpti as follows:
“vyāpti consists in the definite existence of the pervader in the place of the (pervaded) or the existence of the pervaded only in the place of the (pervader).”
Following Dignāga’s model Dharmakīrti expresses the definition of vyāpti by using the restrictive particle eva (meaning “definite” or “only” in the above quotation). Arcaṭa comments on this phrase at great length and he refers to a few verses of Dignāga’s Pramāṇasamuccaya. In this translation I generally refer to another commentary on HB, the Hetubinduṭīkā of Vinītadeva available only in Tibetan translation, as well as to the Hetubinduṭīkāloka of Durvekamiśra, which is a sub-commentary on HBT.
Table of contents和訳 (承前) 39
「それの付属物 (tadaṃśas)」という語句の詳解 40
遍充の本質 41
遍充における随伴と排除 46
<論証因>の第一条件の確定 49
《参考文献》 53

ISSN13427377 (P)
Created date2011.03.01
Modified date2020.08.05

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