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鈴木大拙與東亞大乘觀念的確立 -- 從英譯《大乘起信論》(1900年)到《大乘佛教綱要》(1907年)=D. T. Suzuki's Conception of East Asian Mahayana Buddhism: An Investiation of Rhetoric Implications in his English Works
Author 龔雋 (著)=Gong, Jun (au.)
Source 臺大佛學研究=Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies
Pages77 - 120
Publisher國立臺灣大學佛學研究中心=The Center for Buddhist Studies, National Taiwan University
Publisher Url
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword鈴木大拙=D. T. Suzuki; 大乘佛教綱要=Outlines of Mahayana Buddhism; 大乘起信論=The Awakening of Faith In the Mahayana; 保羅卡洛斯=Paul Carus; 日本東方主義=Japanese Orientalism
Abstract  本文以鈴木大拙於20世紀初用英文譯註的《大乘起信論》與撰著的《大乘佛教綱要》兩文本為例,分析了鈴木早年英文佛教學著述中有關大乘的論述。論文把鈴木早期大乘觀放置於19世紀末20世紀初日本佛教與西方交涉的脈絡下進行討論,解讀其大乘觀形成的原委、主要內容和思想特點,並對其大乘觀在西方產生的效應做了分析與評論。本文討論了鈴木大拙論述的歷史脈絡,特別是其大乘論述與芝加哥世界宗教議會、歐洲佛教學狀況及其與保羅卡洛斯之間的關係,闡明鈴木早年英文大乘佛教觀背後,其實隱含了文化與政治等權力論述。本文意在表明,理解鈴木大乘思想,不能夠僅從其有關大乘觀的表面論述,而要從其論述的修辭策略中去加以分析。該研究無論對國際鈴木大拙之研究,還是近代東亞佛教思想史的研究都具有貢獻。

This paper examines two of Suzuki Daisetz Teitaro's works in English, The Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana and Outlines of Mahayana Buddhism. This paper investigates the influence upon Suzuki of Carus's romantic thought of Buddhism, Suzuki's and Suzuki's reflections upon Japanese Buddhism during the Meji period. Rhetorical expressions in Suzuki's works betray his sense of the nobility and superiority of (Japanese) Mahayana Buddhism in comparison to other religions. When Buddhist studies began in the West, Suzuki's works decisively influenced the later study of Mahayana Buddhism. This paper shows the hidden religious and political implications of Suzuki's works.

Table of contents前言
二、鈴木大拙的大乘論說與保羅卡洛斯(Paul Carus)
ISSN10271112 (P)
Created date2012.10.23
Modified date2017.07.07

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