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蔣央協巴《宗義理論》藏本譯著 -- 毘婆沙宗與經部宗=An Annotated Translation of ‘Jam dbyangs bzhad pa's Presentation of Tenets: Vaibhasika and Sautrāntika
Author 廖本聖 (著)=Liao, Ben-sheng (au.)
Source 正觀雜誌=Satyabhisamaya: A Buddhist Studies Quarterly
Pages61 - 119
Publisher Url
Location南投縣, 臺灣 [Nantou hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Language中文=Chinese; 藏文=Tibetan
Keyword四部宗義=Four Tenets of Indian Buddhist Schools; 毘婆沙宗=Vaibhasika; 經部宗=Sautrantika; 無我見=view of selflessness
The subject which is dealt with within this annotated translation is the tenets of both of Vaibhasika(Bye brag smra ba, the Great Exposition School) and Sautrāntika(mDo sde pa, the Sutra School). However, before delineating these two tenets, in the first place the author ‘Jam dbyangs bzhad pa established Indian buddhist tenets as four from the viewpoint of scriptures of Great Vehicle were taught by Lord Buddha or not between Lesser Vehicle and Great Vehicle of Tenets.
As far as Vaibhasika is concerned, the etymology of Vaibhasika is elucidated first of all. Secondly, it is the explanation with regard to the division of Vaibhasika, i.e. from four root schools, from three root schools, from two root schools, or from one root school divided into eighteen schools. Finally, within the context or framework of base, path, and result, the tenets of Vaibhasika are explained in terms of outline and elaboration in turn.
With regard to Sautrāntika, at first the author depicts the etymology of Sautrāntika. Secondly, he divides Sautrāntika into two groups: Followers of Reasonings described in Dharmakirti’s Seven Treatises on Prime Cognition and so forth and Followers of scriptures described in Vasubandhu’s Treasury of Manifest Knowledge. And by ways of assertions on aspect there are three, proponents of an Equal Number of Apprehended-Objects and Apprehending-Subjects, Sequentialists, and Non-Pluralists. Ultimately, likewise within the context or framework of base, path, and result, the tenets of Sautrāntika are explained in terms of outline and elaboration in turn.
Apart from Varsiputriyas(gNas ma’I bu pa, Vatsiputra Followers) and so forth who advocated “the view of non-existence of permanent, single and independent person ”(gang zag rtag gcig rang dbang can gyis grub pas stong pa) and “the view of existence of self-sufficient person that neither the same as nor different from the mental and physical aggregates and neither permanence nor impermanence”(phung po dang ngo bo gcig dang tha dad dang rtag mi rtag gang du’ang brjod du med pa’i rang skja thub pa’i rdas yod kyi bdag yod pa), the rest of Vaibhasika and all of Sautrāntika elaborated the presentation of Liberation and Buddhahood in the primary axis of “the view of non-existence of a permanent, single, independent person”(gang zag rtag gcig rang dbang can gyis grub pas stong pa) and “the view of non-existence of a self-sufficient person” (gang zag rang rkya thub pa’i rdas yod du grub pas stong pa) other than Great Vehicle Schools of Tenets.

Table of contents壹、前言 66
貳 關於自部抉擇粗細無我的次第 68
一、透過聖教與正理確立自部的宗義為四個 68
一大乘與小乘之間的諍論 74
二大乘與小乘之間對於諍論的回應 74
二、佛教學派四部宗義的個別主張 74
一 解是抉擇無常、一、自在之我的宗義
8. 毘婆沙宗
8.1. 毘婆沙宗的詞源
8.2. 毘婆沙宗的分派
8.2.1. 毘婆沙宗的正確分派 從四個根本學派分派的模式 依據調伏天等系統說明從四個根本學派分派的模式 依據蓮華的體系說明從四個基根本學派分派的模式 從一個根本學派分派的模式 從二個根本學派分派的模式 從三個根本學派分派的模式
8.2.2. 破斥關於毘婆沙宗分派的謬見
8.3.1. 略說毘婆沙宗的宗義主張 毘婆沙宗關於基的主張 毘婆沙宗關於道的主張 毘婆沙宗關於果的主張
8.3.2. 詳說毘婆沙宗之宗義主張 毘婆沙宗關於二諦的主張 毘婆沙宗關於三藏的主張 毘婆沙宗關於現量之分類的主張 毘婆沙宗關於因果與無色表的主張 毘婆沙宗關於識的行相與五個基本範疇的主張 毘婆沙宗關於佛陀特質的主張 關於各個學派不共特質的主張
二 解釋抉擇無實質有之我的宗義 98
9. 經部宗 98
9.1. 經部宗語詞解釋
9.2. 經部宗的分類
9.3. 經部宗的宗義說明
9.3.1. 總標經部宗的宗義 經部宗關於基的主張 經部宗關於二諦的主張 經部宗關於蘊、界、處的主張 經部宗關於道的主張 經部宗關於果的主張
9.3.2. 詳釋經部宗的宗義 安立聖教 解釋聖教的意義 經部宗主張事物是剎那 經部宗關於聖教的主張 經部宗關於微塵色之特質的主張 經部宗關於施設有之特質的主張 經部宗關於識之行相的主張 經部宗關於因果的主張 經部宗關於阿羅漢不會退失斷證的主張 經部宗關於四禪支的主張 經部宗關於現前知的主張 經部宗關於大乘聖者的主張
ISSN16099575 (P)
Created date2012.10.26
Modified date2017.09.06

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