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印順對《法華經》詮釋的觀點 ── 兼與其他重要註釋家的比較=Yin Shun's Viewpoints in the Interpretation of Lotus Sutra : Also a Comparison with Other Important Interpreters
Author 邱敏捷 (著)=Chiu, Min-chieh (au.)
Source 玄奘佛學研究=Hsuan Chuang Journal of Buddhism Studies
Pages59 - 92
Publisher Url
Location新竹市, 臺灣 [Hsinchu shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Note作者為國立台南大學國語文學系教=Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, National University of Tainan
Keyword印順=Yin Shun; 《法華經》=Lotus Sutra; 法雲=Fa Yun; 智顗=Zhi Yi; 吉藏=Ji Zang; 窺基=Kui Ji; 戒環=Jie Huan

Yin Shun is a leading authority of Buddhist studies with abundant masterpieces of Buddhist thinking handed down to the monks and secular people in modern Taiwan. His concern for the thinking of Lotus Sutra is mainly presented in Convenience Lesson No. 2, ”Since the happiness and intelligence of the various Buddhas are sufficient, it is known that all the phenomena are unchanged and empty, and it is also understood that the seeds of Buddhism are out of fate. Therefore, Buddhist doctrine is the only Buddhist vehicle,” ”Bead Connection Metaphor” of 500 Disciples Record Lesson No. 8, ”Appeared to Become Buddha” of the Dragon Daughter in Devadatta Lesson No. 12, and ”Burning Body as an Offer to Buddha” of Medicine King Bodhisattva's Story in Medicine King Bodhisattva's Story Lesson No. 23. The contents of these doctrines involve what the Buddhist nature is, how to become a Buddha, the process of becoming a Buddha, whether a woman can become a Buddha, and the meaning of Burning Body as an Offer to Buddha during practicing Buddhist rules. All these issues are needed to be further explored.The paper clarifies Yin Shun's viewpoints in his interpretation of Lotus Sutra, and compares his viewpoints to Fa Yun's Lotus Sutra Meanings Record in Liang Dynasty, Zhi Yi's Lotus Sutra Texts and Lotus Sutra Meanings in Sui Dynasty, Ji Zang's Lotus Sutra Discussion, Lotus Sutra Floating Meanings and Lotus Sutra Interpretations in Sui Dynasty, Kui Ji'sPraise to Lotus Sutra in Tang Dynasty, and Jie Huan's Important Interpretations of Lotus Sutra in Song Dynasty. The so-called ”Buddhist nature” is divided into ”understanding of Buddhist nature” and ”exercising of Buddhist nature.” According to Zhongguan Meanings, ”understanding of Buddhist nature” refers that all rules originally have no nature themselves, and their nature is emptiness. As to ”exercising of Buddhist nature,” it is a nature leading to one's being a Buddha after practicing Buddhist scriptures and bearing them in mind. Therefore, for ”the origin of Buddhism being cause,” it refers to ”exercising of Buddhist nature.” As influenced by Nirvana sutra, Zhi Yi proposed three Buddhist-nature causes, and took ”positive Buddhist-nature cause” as the ”original existence of Buddhist nature.” Ji Zang inclined to ”original existence of Buddhist nature.” Kui Ji took the three natures of Master Wei-Shi to explain Buddhist nature, and considered Buddhist nature as ”a circular appearance with solid nature.” Towards the interpretation of ”bead” in ”Bead Connection Metaphor,” YinShun and his followers all suggested that the ”Bodhi heart” developed in the past was a priceless treasure, which was a real fact being as real as an intelligent treasure. ”Appeared to Become Buddha” of Dragon Daughter has its meaning. From ”Viewpoint on Equality of Daoist Instruments,” Yin Shun elucidated that Dragon Daughter's appearance to become Buddha was a ”convenient” saying. The process of cultivating oneself to become Buddha took a very long period of time, instead of being made overnight. Zhi Yi took Dragon Daughter's ”Original Development and Stay in the Heart” to become Buddha. Ji Zang thought that Dragon Daughter became a Buddha extremely rapidly because she supplemented herself and develo
Table of contents一、前言 64
二、「佛種從緣起」與「繫珠喻」之觀點 67
三、龍女「現身成佛」之觀點 79
四、「燃身供佛」之意義 86
五、結語 89
ISSN18133649 (P)
Created date2013.07.24
Modified date2020.10.05

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