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Kamalaśīla on the Nature of Phenomenal Content (ākāra) in Cognition: A Close Reading of TSP ad TS 3626 and Related Passages
Author McClintock, Sara
Source Journal of Indian Philosophy
Volumev.42 n.2-3
Pages327 - 337
Publisher Url
LocationBerlin, Germany [柏林, 德國]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
NoteS. McClintock (&)
Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA
KeywordKāmalaśila; Santaraksita; Tattvasaṃgraha; Tattvasaṃgrahapañjikā; ākāra; sākāravāda; satyākāravāda; nirākāravāda; alikakāravāda; satyasvapna
AbstractTraditional as well as contemporary interpreters of Indian Yogācāra divide that tradition into a variety of doxographical camps depending on whether awareness is understood tobe endowed with phenomenal content (ākāra) and, if so, whether that content is understood to be real or true. Kamalaśīla’s extensive commentary on his teacher Śāntarakṣita’s Tattvasaṃgraha contains passages that throw into question certain doxographical equivalencies, especially the equivalencies sometimes proposed betweenthe doctrine that awareness is endowed with phenomenal content (sākāravāda) and the doctrine that such content is true or real (satyākāravāda) and between the doctrine that awareness is devoid of phenomenal content (nirākāravāda) and the doctrine that such content is false or unreal (alīkākāravāda). Further, in accord with his broadly rhetorical approach to the application of reason, Kamalaśīla is seen in this commentary to endorse a range of seemingly contradictory positions vis-à-vis ākāra. This article argues that this situation can be explained by way of reference to Kamalaśīla’s larger philosophical and soteriological program as a Mādhyamika thinker, a program not made explicit in the text yet nonetheless present in nascent form. That is, while various theories of awareness as endowed or not endowed with phenomenal content are useful in different rhetorical contexts as well as at different stages of philosophical analysis, at the end of the day such distinctions are moot since neither awareness nor its content is upheld as ultimately real. Instead, soteriologically efficacious phenomenal content is said to be like a “true dream” (satyasvapna), an illusion that satisfies only for as long as it remains unanalyzed.
Table of contentsTSP ad TS 3626
Related Passages
Abbreviations and Bibliography
ISSN00221791 (P); 15730395 (E)
Created date2014.12.31
Modified date2019.07.30

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