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經史之間:印順佛教經史研究與近代知識的轉型=Buddhist Scripture Studies and Historiography: Master Yin Shun's Research and Modern Intellectual Transformation
Author 龔雋 (著)=Gong, Jun (au.)
Source 法印學報=Journal of Dharma Seals
Pages15 - 70
Publisher Url
Location桃園縣, 臺灣 [Taoyuean hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword印順=Yin-Shun; 經學=Buddhist historiography; 解經=Buddhist exegesis; 知識史=ntellectual history; 佛教史=history of Buddhism
Abstract 本文把印順法師的佛學研究放置在近代中國學術史的脈絡中去進行系統論究,從晚近經史之學的流變去分析印順佛學研究的表現,特別是其遊移於經史學之間的複雜關係。文章分別從五個方面來對此問題詳密論述。一、從近代經史學的轉型考察近代中國佛學的嬗變,特別是近代知識史形態佛教史的誕生與發展。二、分析印順佛學研究如何化經為史,而傾向於運用近代知識史的方式來探究佛法。這裏討論了他關於「知識的學問」觀念及其佛史探源等諸多有關佛史研究的方式。三、論述印順佛教史學研究中的國際視域,而著重探討了日本近代知識史形態的佛學研究對印順佛學史研究的影響。四、探究印順佛教解經學方式,這裏不僅分析了印順解經書寫是如何出入於經與史之間而作複雜的疏通與融合,還論述了印順解經與傳統佛教解經方式之間的異同。五、從印順佛教經史學的論述內部及現代史學理論等方面,探究印順佛學研究在知識與價值之間進行融合而又有其難以克服的困境,對印順佛學思想內在的緊張性也作了細緻的論疏。

This article explores systematically Master Yin-shun’s Buddhist research in the context of modern Chinese academic history, and analyzes his achievements, especially his complex investigations between scripture studies and historical exploration. The discussion elaborated in this article falls into five parts. The first part investigates the evolution of Buddhist studies in modern China, especially the rise and development of modern Buddhist historiography on the pattern of modern intellectual history, which illuminates a modern intellectual transformation of Buddhist scripture studies and historiography. The second part analyzes how scripture studies were converted into historiography in Yin-shun’s Buddhist research which had tended to use the methods of modern intellectual history. Yin-shun’s research methods of Buddhist historiography such as searching for the origin of Buddhism, as well as the concept of intellectual knowledge, are dealt with in this part. The next part is concerned with the international perspective in Yin-shun’s research on Buddhist historiography, focusing on the influence from Japanese Buddhist studies, which apply the discipline of modern intellectual history. The following part explores Yin-shun’s methods of Buddhist exegesis, analyzing how he mediated and integrated conflicting sources between scripture studies and historiography when he was writing an exegesis, and discussing the difference between the traditional approach of Buddhist exegesis and his method of scriptural interpretation. The last part inspects Yin-shun’s dilemma while integrating knowledge with values, by examining his statement in Buddhist scripture studies and historiography, and modern historical theory as well. The inherent tension in Yin-shun’s thought is also discussed in detail.
Table of contents一、從經學到史學:知識轉型與近代佛教史研究的誕生 19
二、「知識的學問」與佛史探源 31
三、他山之石可攻玉:印順佛學史論中的國際學術意識 42
四、在聖典與歷史之間:印順與佛教經解 50
五、餘論:經史之學與道體流行 58
ISSN22241299 (P)
Created date2015.05.25
Modified date2020.06.09

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