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論印順學派的成立=Establish of Yin Shun School
Author 邱敏捷 (著)=Chiu, Min-chieh (au.)
Source 臺灣文獻=Taiwan Historica
Volumev.62 n.3
Pages321 - 349
Location南投市, 臺灣 [Nantou shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword印順=Yin Shun; 印順學派=Yin Shun School; 傳道=Propagation of Buddhism; 昭慧=Chao Hwei; 證嚴=Cheng Yen
Abstract「印順學」已成為當代臺灣佛教界與學術界的「顯學」之一。「印順學派」成立的要件,主要可歸納為四:一是,創始人或「宗師」印順思想「成一家之言」;二是,印順在世及身後有眾多傑出門下與私淑弟子發揚光大其思想,如釋昭慧主導的弘誓學院、釋傳道住持的妙心寺、釋宏印領銜的學佛團體,釋厚觀等之福嚴精舍及慧日講堂等;三是,印順學派具有廣大深遠之社會影響作用,其人間佛教已為當代臺灣佛教的特色,也是佛教被社會所認同的重要指標;四是,學派人物之間有密切同門情誼,彼此奧援,相與協成。 此外,印順與慈濟證嚴有師徒關係,且同樣是弘揚佛教大乘菩薩道「為佛教、為眾生」的精神,但證嚴在思想的弘揚上不以印順思想為主軸,故僅可算是印順學派的歧出。 印順及其後學所發揚的人間佛教在當代臺灣佛教界有其時代精神、意義與影響。從學術的角度盱衡,印順學派已經形成。當然印順學派可否在臺灣佛教界、學術界歷久彌新,推陳出新,還有待後續的觀察與驗證。

“Yin Shun Learning”has become one of the“prominent schools of thoughts”in the contemporary Buddhist circle and academic circle of Taiwan. The essential conditions for the establishment of“Yin Shun School can be summarized to be four main points. Firstly, the thinking of its founder or“great master”Yin Shun“becomes the thoughts of the school itself.” Secondly, a lot of outstanding disciples, no matter living or deceased, of Yin Shun and the students of private schools extensively propagated his thinking via different means, such as Hong Shi Academy led by Shi Chao-Hwei, Miao Xin Temple hosted by Shi Chuan-Dao, Buddhism Learning Group headed by Hong Hong-Yin, Fu Yan Buddhist Lodge and Hui Ri Lecture Hall hosted by Shi Hou-Guan and others. Thirdly, Yin Shun School possesses profound and deep influence on the society. The humanistic Buddhism promoted by them has become the characteristics of contemporary Buddhism in Taiwan. And Buddhism is also an important indicator recognized by the society. Fourthly, there is close friendship among the characters of the same school. They give assistance to each other, and co-complete works together.
Besides, Yin Shun and Cheng Yen of Tzu Chi have the relationship of master and disciple. They both promote the spirits of the Buddhist Bodhisattva rules,“contribution for Buddhism, and for the general public.”However, Cheng Yen does not taking the thinking of Yin Shun as the core in the promotion of Buddhist thinking. Therefore, Cheng Yen can only be called a branch of Yin Shun School.
The humanistic Buddhism promoted by Yin Shun and his followers has its spirit, meaning and influence of the age in the contemporary Buddhist circle of Taiwan. Judging from the academic viewpoint, Yin Shun School has been gradually formed. Of course, whether Yin Shun School can be kept new timelessly, and find new development ways from the old theories needs subsequent observation and verification.
Table of contents壹、前言 323
貳、印順學派之形成 325
一、創始人印順建立「人間佛教思想」新典範,能成一家之言 326
二、印順在世及身後有眾多傑出門下後學與私淑者傳承、發揚、光大其學說 329
三、印順學引起人們廣泛關注,印順學派人間佛教思想對社會具有影響作用 332
四、學派人物之間有密切同門情誼,彼此奧援,相與協成 333
參、慈濟證嚴與印順學派 336
一、不認同慈濟證嚴為印順學派者之觀點 337
二、認同慈濟證嚴為印順學派者之觀點 339
肆、結語 342
ISSN1016457X (P)
Created date2015.06.03
Modified date2022.08.30

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