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佛光人間衛視觀音經典劇場的敘事分析與宗教意義=Buddha's mere classical theater narration analysis and religion meaning of Goddess of Mercy of Satellite TV of human world
Author 林淑媛 (著)=Lin, Shu-yuan (au.)
Source 臺北大學中文學報=Journal of Chinese Language and Literature of National Taipei University
Pages1 - 28
Location新北市, 臺灣 [New Taipei City, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword觀世音菩薩; 電視劇敘事分析=TV play narrate generation; 間佛教=human world Buddhism that sound Bodhisattva; Watch analysis
Abstract文學中的觀世音菩薩形象,向為觀世音薩文化研究的重要議題,本文以 2005 年佛光人間衛視觀音經典劇場為研究對象,借用電視劇敘事理論中的外在因素播製者以及內在因素文本分析,綜合說明此劇場的敘事特色與觀世音菩薩形象,以及所具有的意義。研究發現播製者對觀世音菩薩信仰的詮釋,著重在啟發人人本具的佛心,憑藉自力解脫煩惱,而非仰仗他力救濟的思想,換言之人應學習觀世音菩薩慈悲利他的精神。其次,以敘事類型與公式分析劇集,發現與臺灣電視的神怪劇渲染神蹟靈異不同;並以戲劇故事來源的感應故事比較,發現劇集的改編符合製播者的期望,符合當前臺灣佛教發展,即佛教人間化、生活化的人間佛教思潮。因此觀音經典劇場所塑造的觀世音菩薩的形象保有佛教對菩薩的神聖性的彰顯,善巧度化眾生的慈悲精神,而非強調其神通變現的神通力與法術,準此而論佛光人間觀音經典劇場對臺灣宗教信仰較偏重觀音菩薩的他力救度而提供不同的宗教意義。

Sound Bodhisattva's image of generation of view in literature, to for view generation sound important topic that culture study Sa, this text regards Buddha mere classical theater of Goddess of Mercy of Satellite TV of human world in 2005 as the research object, use the TV play and chat the external factor in the reason theory and sow the persons who make and inherent factor text analysis, state the narration characteristic of this theater and sound Bodhisattva's image of generation of view synthetically, and the meaning had. Discover that the persons who sow making focus on and inspire Buddhism heart that everybody originally has to the annotation explanatory note of sound Bodhisattva's faith of generation of the view, it is worried to free by making use of relying on oneself, the thought relieved that but not rely on his strength, people should study the mercy favourable his spirit of sound Bodhisattva generation of the view in other words. Secondly, that plays up the supernatural mark with the gods and spirits of the Taiwan TV drama efficaciously and differently and differently in type and formula; And compare with the reaction story of the drama story source, find that the adaptation of the collection of dramas accords with and makes the expectation of the persons who sow, accord with Buddhism of Taiwan at present to develop, namely Buddhism human world, living Buddhism ideological trend of human world. So Goddess of Mercy image, sound of Bodhisattva is it have Buddhism sacredness nature in Bodhisattva reflect to protect classical moulded generation such as view such as theater, the good skillful all living creature's mercy spirit that degree melts, but not emphasize the magic strength of its magic realization and magic arts, this accurate his strength of talking about relatively laying particular stress on Goddess of Mercy to the religious belief in Taiwan in Buddha mere classical theater of Goddess of Mercy of human world rescues degree and offers different religion meanings.
Table of contents一、影視傳播下的觀音形象 4
二、觀音經典劇場敘事的外在因素 9
三、觀音經典劇場的文本類型與公式 15
(一)〈觀音妙緣〉 17
(二)〈魚籃觀音〉 18
(三)〈觀音老母〉 18
四、劇集的意義:從感應的靈感救濟轉化為修持佛法獲得解脫 21
五、結論 25
參考文獻 27
ISSN19931638 (P)
Created date2015.09.07
Modified date2019.08.07

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