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聖嚴法師對「淨念相繼」與「入流亡所」的詮釋及其體證=Master Sheng Yen’s Explanation and Apprehension of “Continuous Pure Mindfulness to Obtain Samadhi” and “Entered the Flow through Hearing and Forgot Objective States”
Author 陳劍鍠 (著)=Chen, Chien-huang (au.)
Source 聖嚴研究:第四輯=Studies of Master Sheng Yen Vol.4
Pages75 - 130
Publisher Url
Location臺北縣, 臺灣 [Taipei hsien, Taiwan]
Series No.4
Content type專題研究論文=Research Paper
Note作者單位:國立屏東教育大學中國語文學系教授=Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, National Pingtung University of Education
Keyword聖嚴法師=Master Sheng yen; 淨念相繼=continuous pure mindfulness to obtain samadhi; 入流亡所=entered the flow through hearing and forgot objective states; 念佛圓通=the perfect penetration through mindfulness of the Buddha; 耳根圓通=the perfect penetration of the ear by directing the hearing inward to listen to his own nature

Master Sheng Yen was the in mastry of Avalokitecvara’s teaching (Guanyin’s teaching觀音法門). He thought that the perfect penetration of the ear by directing the hearing inward to listen to his own nature in Avalokitecvara was the most special among the 25 kinds of perfect penetration in The Śūraṃgama-sūtra (Shou lengyan jing 首楞嚴經). Other than that, Master ShengYen also paid special regard to the perfect penetration through mindfulness of the Buddha by Great Strength Attained Bodhisattva. He used continuous pure mindfulness to obtain samadhi as the example to illustrate the wholehearted Buddhist Recitation as the foundation, which is saying that if our Mind accords with the Mind of Buddha Amitabha for one moment, we are born in the Pure Land for one moment; if we reach accord moment after moment, we are born in the Pure Land moment after moment (一念相應一念佛,念念相應念念佛); so that we can reach the Pure Land on Earth.
This paper aims to review the concepts of “continuous pure mindfulness to obtain samadhi” (淨念相繼) and “entered the flow through hearing and forgot objective states” (入流亡所) to examine his scholastic development and the orientation of thoughts. Master Sheng Yen’s teaching on “Building a Pure Land on Earth” is both subtle and profound in terms of Buddhist doctrine. His proposal about building the Pure Land on Earth has close relationship with the two concepts mentioned above. With the analysis, we can investigate Master Sheng Yen’s thoughts from various perspectives.
Table of contents一、前言:問題提出 76
二、對「都攝六根、淨念相繼」的詮釋 81
(一)「都攝六根、淨念相繼」為禪修要法 81
(二)「淨念相繼」與人間淨土的內涵體現 93
三、對「入流亡所、反聞聞自性」的詮釋 98
(一) 觀音道場的境教理念及耳根圓通法門 98
(二)「入流亡所」與「聞所聞盡」的體證 108
四、結語:「念佛圓通」與「耳根圓通」之揀選與綰合 113
引用文獻 122
英文摘要 129
ISBN9789575986308 (平)
Created date2015.09.10
Modified date2021.07.27

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