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譚雲山:二十世紀上半葉中印關係的關鍵人物=Tan Yun-Shan:A Key Figure in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century, Sino-Indian Relations
Author 釋覺明 (著)=Chue Ming (au.)
Source 印度學學術研討會(第6屆)
Location嘉義縣, 臺灣 [Chia-i hsien, Taiwan]
Content type會議論文=Proceeding Article
Keyword譚雲山=Tan Yun-Shan; 泰戈爾=Tagore; 國際大學=Visava-Bharti University; 中印學會=Sino-Indian Association; 中國學院=Cheena Bhavan
鍵性人物(Key Figure )呢? 本文主旨是以譚雲山為歷史人物之主軸,他所交涉的
重要人物和事件。1927 年,譚雲山(Tan Yun-Shan)與泰戈爾(Rabindranath Tagore)
兩人在新加坡相遇,並受邀到國際大學(Visva-Bharati University ),這個「關鍵年」,
他與湖南同鄉陳乃蔚結識結婚;1928 年,赴印度聖地尼克坦(Santiniketan)國際大
學任中文教授。1928 年到 1937 年,成立中印學會(Sino-Indian Cultural Society)
與中國學院(Cheena Bhavan)。譚雲山如何讓組織和機構,成為中印學術研究重
譚雲山與泰戈爾兩人,走過劃時代的歷史事件-1937 年日本侵華與二次大戰。
1938 年,印度尼赫魯與泰戈爾致書表態,反對日本侵華,同情和支持中國。1942
年,蔣介石(Chiang Kai-shek,1887-1975)與宋美齡(Soong May-ling, 1897 年-2003)
伉儷訪問印度聖雄甘地(Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi1,1869-1948)與尼赫魯
(Jawaharlal Nehru,1889-1964),是非官方人物譚雲山居中,一手安排且陪同接
1967 年從中國學院退休,1980 年 3 月 4 日其夫人陳乃蔚逝世於聖地尼克坦。
三年之後,1983 年 2 月 12 日,譚雲山於印度菩提迦耶中華佛寺,仙逝入寂,享
壽 85,共居印度 45 年。
Why Mr. Tan Yun-Shan is considered as a Key Figure in the history of
Sino-Indian cultural exchange during second half century? This paper is based on the
historical figure of Mr. Tan Yun-Shan as an important personality in establishing
Sino-India cultural exchange. In 1927, Tan Yun-Shan met with Rabindranath Tagore
in Singapore and he was invited in Visva-Bharti University. In the same year he
married with Cheng Nai Wei. In 1928, he became Chinese professor in Santiniketan
Visva-Bharti University. During 1928 to 1937, he established Sino-Indian Cultural
Society and Cheena Bhavan. How Tan Yun-Shan was able to establish and organize
the institutions and became milestone in the academic research center in Indian and
gradually, became a key figure in Sino-Indian relations during central half of the
twentieth century? This paper will further focus on these important ideas.
Both, Tan Yun-Shan and Tagore, walked through historical events of Japanese
invasion during World War II. In 1938, (Jawaharlal Nehru,1889-1964) and Tagore
made a statement against Japanese invasion over China and showed their moral
support to China. In 1942, Chaing Kai-Shek (1887-1975) and his wife Soong
May-Ling (1897-2003) went to India to meet with Mohandas Karamchang Gandhi
(1869-1948) and Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964). Tan Yun-Shan was “unofficial
representative” recognized by Chinese government in India; however, the Indian
government leaders considered him Chinese “official representative”. Tan Yun-Shan
worked as both, Chinese and Indian official leadership, an important role between two
nations. Tan Yun-Shan was one of the important hands in reversing the historical
turning point in Georgia council. Accordingly, the author discusses Tan Yun-Shan as
one of the core of the second hand of the twentieth century, a key figure in the second
Sino-Indian relations. In 1967 he retired from Chinese Academy. March 4, 1980 his
wife, Tan Nai Wei, died in Shantiniketan. After three years, February 12, 1983, at the
age of 85 years, Tan Yun Shan passed away in Bodhgaya Chinese Temple. He lived in
Indian for 45 years.
Table of contents中英文摘要 2

文獻回顧 4
史學方法與研究態度 5

貳 正文
身世、教育與才氣 9
髮妻陳乃蔚 12
中國「泰戈爾熱」討論 13
與印度及泰戈爾之緣 19
中印學會–南京分會 22
中印學會-印度分會 22
中國學院 23
對促進印度之佛教學術之貢獻 27
巨人背後的「燈塔」-中印使者 29
中印學與中印關係 32
中印之間兄弟情誼的貢獻 33
結語 34
Created date2015.12.24
Modified date2015.12.24

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